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You should especially "want" to quit

11-20-2013, by
Quit smoking

Every year die many people due to smoking of tobacco. Even passive smoking is dangerous. It's estimated that annually about 600,000 people worldwide die due passive smoking. That is a lot more than the number of people dying in traffic.

Fortunately, many smoke want to quit smoking. More and more people seek professional help. This are usually smokers who have behind them a few failed attempts. Recently, this number has been increased seriously.

E-cigarettes offer the highest chance for success

Rommy Coomans, a recognized doctor and expert of tobacco products declares:

  • Technical aids such as nicotine patches offer more chance to get rid of your addiction. Especially, electronic cigarettes combined with professional assistance scores high. Smoking is not only a nicotine addiction, it's a ritual and a habit. With the e-cig, people can gradually stop.

  • External pressure helps only a little. It can even reduce the success rate. Who likes to stop, must especially "want" to it. If the smoker is not motivated to stop, he should not even try.

  • Annual smoking cessation days are important because it inspires people to try. And it's better to try than not to try.

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