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Vapor Jacket: Customize like crazy

03-18-2014, by
Vapor Jacket

Vapor Jackets are durable plastic films or foils that you can use to personalize your e cigarette. They exits in hundreds of different colors and patterns. All colors make are playful and cool.

The films are available in collections, and each collection contains 7 different designs. A collection costs about $10. The many different options gives you the opportunity to combine your electronic cigarette with eg. your clothes, handbag, shoes or car. The possible combinations are endless.

The Vapor Jacket makes your ecig truly unique. The ink on the film does not dissolve in water, so you shouldn't be afraid of raindrops. The film in fact also protects your e-cigarette.


User guide: How to do?

First, you cut the Vapor Jacket film to the correct length, then you wrap it around the e-cigarette. In order to secure the film, you heat it with a lighter or possibly a hairdryer. By heating, the film will shrink and tighten around the electronic cigarette.

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