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Vendors of e-cigarettes fear too much influence of the tobacco industry

01-23-2014, by
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In the state of Oklahoma in the United States, a new law was voted last month to put the electronic cigarette under a similar label like traditional cigarettes. A direct result of this new rule is that it's now forbidden to sell to e-cigs to minors.

In addition, an extra tax will be levied on the sale of e-cigarettes to cause higher prices.

The retailers that sell e-cigarettes are not satisfied. They claim there was already own rules not to sell ecigs to minors. The vendors claim that the new law has come through cooperation of the local government and larger tobacco companies. They are partners in crime.

Both parties take advantage of this new situation. The local government sees more revenue and that the price gap with traditional tobacco cigarette has narrowed. Tobacco companies hope to lose fewer smokers. Furthermore, the tobacco industry tries to enforce further rules. They put pressure on the politics to get more influence on the e-cigarette.

The Internet

A consequence of the higher tax is that many consumers now place orders online on the internet. Orders are made in another state where these new taxes don't apply.

It's possible that the state of Oklahoma in time will acquire even less revenue as local sales volumes fall sharply. This phenomenon is also seen in Europe more and more. Once one country sets a tax raise on a product, we see that the consumer travel to their neighboring countries to obtain supplies.

In the mean time, the powerful tobacco lobby tries to convince more states and countries to increase the taxes on electronic cigs.

Buy directly at the source

Besides, we can only recommend to order your e-cigarettes online direct from the e-cigarette manufacturers. It is your best guarantee that you don't buy fake products. Yes, buy at the source as this is very advantageous. It saves time if you send back a broken ecig, the manufacturers themselves do usually much less difficult on guarantees compared to a local seller. A final advantage to purchase directly at the source is the lower price. This is logical because every intermediary must also make money.

One drawback for Europeans to order from the manufacturer is that you are required to order this in the UK or USA. In the other countries, all sellers are importers and thus intermediaries .

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