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General Advice and Tips

Algemene tips elektronische sigaret
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To help you finding your way to select and purchase e-cigaretes, we review here the key points to look for. A beginning e-smoker can, in our opinion, never inquire too much good information.

Good advice is especially useful when you will meet sellers waving with discounted prices. At all moments, you must be aware of what you are going to buy. Which seem at first sight interesting, might be not the best choice. We frequently hear complaints from users who have bought a pig in a poke.

Beginners best start with a kit

Everyone knows and have seen them. Almost every brand has them and their prices are usually inviting and good.

The starter kit contains everything you need to get started. This include of course the e-cigarette itself, a charger for the battery and a couple of cartridges. Some kits come with an additional battery or even an extra charger for using in the car. The great advantage of these kits are that you have everything ready at once and that each part fits. So, the cartridges fit on the battery, your battery fits the charger, etc...

There are various kits ranging from an express kit, a basic starter kit to a pro-kit. There is something available for any need or budget. The more expensive kits often include some luxury accessories, but you do not really need if you're just starting. We recommend that you actually start with a kit that include at least two batteries, so you have always a spare one when you're e-smoking.

Don't panic about the prices. With electronic smoking, there is indeed a high initial purchase cost. But luckily, you will earn it back in only a few months or even weeks because the consumption of e-cigs is much cheaper.

A qualitative cartridge is of great importance

If you're browsing the web, you will often find cartridges that occur in various types and prices. It seems very tempting to choose the cheapest one, but the purchase price is not the only thing that matters. Qualitative cartridges have a longer lifetime and maintain a more uniform taste and vapor. Another advantage is that they can easier produce more vapor. You don't need to pull so intense to experience the same pleasure. It sounds unbelievable, but it is often better to go for a slightly more expensive but better cartridge. You won't regret it.

Most experienced users choose for a two-component system because of a higher convenience. This is an e-cigarette with a cartomizer (cartridge and atomizer in one piece). In this case, you can screw your battery on your cartomizer and that's all to start smoking. There is no need to clean your atomizer anymore.

Strength & taste also determine the enjoyment


Be careful in the choice of e-liquid in the cartridge. Especially for new e-smokers, it is difficult to determine what nicotine strength is better. This is different for everyone. Are you used to smoke stronger regular cigarettes, than you should definitely opt for a higher nicotine strength. Most cartridges contain e-liquid with nicotine levels between 0% and 2.4%.

However, be aware that the inclusion of nicotine in the blood is much lower with an e-cigarette compared to a traditional analog cigarette. Also, the higher the nicotine percentage, the stronger the throat hit. Low nicotine levels (<1.2%) are often experienced as being insufficient for beginning e-smokers.

The highest possible level of nicotine seem like the best choice to start, but that is absolutely not the case. The best choice is and remains personal. Many users experience nicotine levels above 1.8% as "too strong". The die-hard smokers will only enjoy 2.4% (the maximum limit). If you're used to inhale deeply, choose a value of around 1.8%. Occasional smokers (also known as social smokers) can benefited by 1.2% or even lower.

As taste, we recommend to start with a neutral tobacco flavor. Special flavors like vanilla, coffee, or cola get quickly bored.

The transition always requires a bit of adaptability.

If you change from the ordinary smoking to the e-smoking, you must take into account that it takes some time to adjust. This is especially true when you have smoked traditional for many years. E-smoking is fantastic but it's still a little different. Give yourself a few days or weeks (depending on how much you smoke) and you will see that you will love it. Once you'are used to it, you will never wanna go back.

Inform yourself as much as possible.

Do not buy a cigarette brand too quickly or too impulsive. We recommend to read reviews to gauge the experiences of fellow e-smokers. If you have found a brand that suits you, stay with it.

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