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The healthier cigarette!

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Smoking a traditional cigarette basically means "burning tobacco" and thereby come unfortunately many harmful substances such as tar, arsenic, dioxins, benzene, cadmium, etc. But what would now change if we replace tobacco with something more innocent?

According to Jan Tytgat, toxicologist at the University of Leuven in Belgium, this wouldn't make much difference. With the combustion of organic material will always be a lot of toxins and dioxins released. So, even if you burn grass or salad, you will get always these harmful substances.

Better filters

The manufacturers of traditional cigarettes would have to use more efficient filters to block the soot particles. But unfortunately, even the best filters are not offering a solution. Toxicologist Antoon Opperhuizen of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) come to this conclusion after investigation.

The best filters can protect us against all the toxins but in that case the smoker will have no joy anymore. So, the smoker will not taste any longer the smoke of the cigarette. As soon as a part of smoke pass (for the taste), the smoker will receive again harmful toxins..

The so-called light cigarettes with less tar also don't make the experts enthusiastic because the smokers inhale more deeply with them.

David O'Reilly of British American Tobacco confirms that it will probably never be able to produce combustible cigarettes that are safe. However, it should be possible to make a little safer.

Lollipops and patches

Tobacco companies have ever launched lollipops in the U.S. that contain tobacco and nicotine. They were designed to help you quit smoking. But after criticism the lollipops quickly disappeared as they would make children accustomed to the taste of tobacco. They would break down too easy all the barriers.

Nicotine patches and gum unfortunately offer no solution. Antoon Opperhuizen declares: "Smoking is more than a nicotine addiction. It is a ritual and it gives break to the busy life. The smoker can relax and train his breathing during this pause.

The e-cigarette is the only healthy alternative

For now, only electronic cigarettes are a good and healthier alternative. The e-cigarettes are actually plastic tubes that deliver nicotine and flavors to the smoker through water vapor.

The smoker enjoys them like traditional cigarettes and the ritual remains the same. Only there is no combustion taking place. An atomizer is only warming-up e-liquid inside the device and that's a big advantage.

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