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The Healthy e-Cigarette?


09-05-2013, by

E-Cigarette vs. Ordinary Cigarette

Smokers who quit regular cigarettes to move to electronic cigarettes have several good reasons to make the switch. Most are described in pros & cons. However, the main motivation to switch is the health aspect. Indeed, an e-cigarette contains no carcinogens.

A regular cigarette contains over 4000 hazardous substances including:
  • arsenic
  • benzene
  • cadmium
  • ethanal
  • dioxins
  • carbon monoxide
  • lead
  • nicotine
  • polonium-210
  • tar
  • hydrogen cyanide
  • etc. ..

An electronic cigarette contains only nicotine as possible harmful substance. Nicotine is addictive to humans and it is detrimental to the heart and blood vessels. So far, it has never been proven whether nicotine is carcinogenic. (Note: there are also e-cigarettes without nicotine). Read "benefits when you stop smoking tobacco" for a deeper analysis.

Besides nicotine, the vapor contains water, flavoring and propylene glycol. The latter is a moisture carrier, which is also used in muffins. Propylene glycol has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The name looks more dangerous than what it is.

E-Cigarettes are very healthy?

Until today, there is now long term report about the use of e-cigarettes because the device is relative new. During short time, studies showed that the e-cigarette has a positive influence to the body compared to regular smoking.

After moving to electronic smoking, researchers found there was a better oxygen supply and blood circulation. Other beneficial effects were found in smokers who were switched to electronic smoking:

  • Higher endurance.
  • Better breathing and coughing less.
  • Healthier hair.
  • Healthier skin.
  • Improved taste and smell.
  • Healthier teeth

Note: all these symptoms are also experienced when a smoker quit smoking tobacco.

Side effects

side effects of the ecig

However, a very small percentage of electronic smokers complain of a burning sensation for a while during the transition. This is due to the use of a too high dose of nicotine. This can be avoided by ordering a lower strength or sometimes to move to another and more quality brand. Cartridges of cheaper (disposable) e-cigarettes are often not experienced as pleasant by everyone.

Just as some people are lactose intolerant, there are also people who are allergic to Propylene Glycol. The complaints in such case are especially skin complaints and irritations of the respiratory tract. There is a vegetable alternative based on Vegetable Glycerin. However, it's use is not completely harmless. When this material is heated too high, the toxic substance acrolein can get released. By the way, we find this substance also in the smoke or regular tobacco smoke.

You can luckily avoid this risk by obtaining an atomizer with a hig resistance. An atomizer with a lower resistance creates more heat and vapor. Be prepared when you decide to start modding.

We regularly receive complaints from starting e-smokers due to bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. This has nothing to do with the e-cigarette. This are general short term side effects that people can get when they stop smoking.

Why does e-smoking have not a flawless image?

As already mentioned, in the article 'pros & cons', the tobacco industry and government tries to undermine the success of the e-cig.

They both have their reasons:

  • the tobacco industry is a billion dollar industry and they can't risk that too many smokers make a switch.
  • the government earns billions of dollars or euros annually through the high taxes on regular cigarettes. (Note: on e-cigarettes, there are no or very low taxes).

The main argument against the e-cigarette, is that there is insufficient quality control on the production of e-cigarettes, especially in China. Therefore, we strongly advise all users to buy American brands. Watch out also for parallel imports and cheap counterfeits.

Another argument against the ecig is the fact that the exotic flavors like chocolate, cola, apple, etc... can lure young teenagers into smoking.

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