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Ten advertisements are enough for youth to start smoking

03-26-2014, by
Marlboro commercial

More than 40% of teenagers that looked 10 tobacco advertisements will try smoking. The risk that these teenagers smoke daily increases by almost 30%. We can read these results in a German study. On the long-term study participated 1300 nonsmoking teens.

The study started in 2008 and it probed how often they had seen advertisements of the most popular products in Germany such as clothes, mobile phones, cars, chocolate and cigarettes. About cigarettes, they asked more precisely if the commercials were seen of the six most popular cigarette brands.

In the coming years, they questioned again these questions. Then it was also asked about the amount of cigarettes that they had been smoking and the frequency that they smoked.

In general, most youngsters could remember cigarette commercials less than that of other products. Still a popular brand scored extremely well by more than half. About 13 percent claimed to have seen the same commercial at least 10 times.

Influence of advertising and youth

The greatest influence was social pressure from friends and acquaintances. Second was the influence of the tobacco advertisements. Those who had seen between 10 and 50 times a commercial were almost 50% more likely to become a chain smoker compared to teenagers who saw less than three.

For every 10 extra times, there was 30 percent more chance to become a daily smoker. Besides, a third of such daily smokers were younger than 15. The answered to smoke at least 100 cigarettes in a year.

To help the youth, we present now another commercial, but we wonder if this one will have effect. I hope it does..

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