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Technical information about the electronic cigarette

08-31-2013, by

The electronic cigarette, often called e-cigarette or e-cig, is a relatively new technology. Even though, the e-cigarette surpasses the expectations of even "die-hard" smokers.

The device contains generally three parts:
3 components of the electronic cigarette
  • a cartridge in which the e-liquid (mainly nicotine and flavorings) is stored.
  • an atomizer.
  • a battery.

For some brands, the atomizer and cartridge are combined together into one piece. Then we call it a cartomizer. The main benefit of having a cartomizer is the ease of maintenance as you don't need to clean your atomizer anymore.

In general, an e-cigarette slightly longer and slightly heavier than a regular cigarette. However, you will be surprised how exact an electronic cigarette looks like a normal cigarette. And it's just about the looks. The manufacturers really do everything that you get the same enjoyment and experience via e-smoking. And it must be said, they have succeeded very well in it.

The batteries are usually lithium ion batteries. This means they are rechargeable. With a full battery, you can smoke average about a day before a recharge is needed. There exist chargers with USB connection, as well as connectors for in the car. The battery is the biggest element. It's the white part of the regular cigarette. The most batteries have the same look like traditional cigarettes. Most people can't hardly notice any difference.

The e-liquid that evaporates is composed of propylene glycol (or vegetable glycerine), flavoring agent, water and (if desired) nicotine. Nowadays, you can find on the market the most crazy flavors ranging from chocolate, coffee, vanilla to whiskey or cola. The most popular flavor still remains the normal tobacco flavor.

Operation of the eCigarette

If you pull the e-cigarette, a microprocessor registers it. Them the cartridge adds microscopic drops of e-liquid to the atomizer and vapor is made. The vapor is heated until the same temperature of the smoke from regular cigarettes. This results that you will experience the same feeling in your mouth when you inhale.

The vapor looks just the same as smoking of an analog cigarette, except its has no smell and it don't contain harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, etc. This is not only good for the health of the smoker himself, it is also better for his environment.

Thus, the e-cig is not burning anything, it just mixes and heats up the e-liquid with air and water. This is main advantage as almost 4000 carcinogenic substances are released during the combustion of tobacco with regular cigarettes. The electronic cigarette produces a thick vapor that looks and feels approximately the same like regular smoke.

The evaporation operation can be compared and a little like a fog machine, in which vapor is created that looks like tobacco smoke.

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