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Absurd: Suriname puts smokers in jail!

04-09-2014, by

In Paramaribo, the Surinamese parliament has approved a law that bans smoking tobacco in public. Smoking is only allowed at home.

"Smokers who do not resign with the decision go to jail" said minister M. Blokland. With this law, Suriname hopes to become smokeless over time.

The Minister also announced an large rehabilitation program. At least half of the Surinamese population are fanatic smokers. Tobacco in this country has a much greater impact than in other countries. The electronic cigarette is almost unprecedented and the population is generally low educated. The Minister thinks this new law is needed. Anyone who does not want to obey, should go to prison...

Doubts about this heavy approach

Punishing smokers is an approach that had so far only bad results. Beside, the smokers have given themselves already the biggest punishment, namely the death penalty.

We doubt whether sending smokers to prison is a good solution. They better should try to raise the awareness of the people who still believe tobacco is healthy.

A more positive or rewarding campaign will give better results. They could eg. give electronic cigarettes for free to all the people who wants to make the switch. Everyone knows that the e-cigarette is the best long term guarantee.

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