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Tobacco makes women more depressed

03-10-2014, by
Depressed woman

Are you a woman and are looking for another reason to quit smoking? Do you need another reason to switch over to electronic smoking? Then I have something for you. Research shows that women who smoke have a much greater chance to become depressed than women who never smoke tobacco.

Sorry ladies, but even a few traditional cigarettes increase the chance. Of course it is minimal and it does not apply to all women amongst us. The chain smokers have more bad luck. They have twice as much the chance to get a depression.

These facts come from a study conducted by the University of Melbourne. Over 1,000 women were followed for more than 10 years. Smoking can really cause depressions or make mild depressions worse. And then, shopping won't help anymore. Even a pair of Louboutins or a Chanel dress. Or maybe just :)

Female electronic smokers are happier

The ladies that smoke electronic were not more likely to get a depression. Researchers explain this partly because they do not consume the harmful substances in burned tobacco, but also a mental aspect plays an important role.

Women who successfully quit smoking or switch to electronic smoking have a better and certainly self-image. They are more proud of themselves. Moreover, they often get compliments and good comments in response to the use of the healthier e-cigarette.

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