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Smoking is good for you

09-13-2013, by

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Two Dutch men have published a book called "Holy Smoke". In their book, they list the benefits of smoking and they fight against the so-called prejudices.

Biological psychologist Christianne Vink and pharmaceutical chemist Clemens Vogt, the authors of the book, however both don't smoke at the moment. Christianne even never smoked in her life, Clemens stopped about twenty years ago.

Both authors declare that they are not sponsored by tobacco companies.

Smoking is unhealthy?

Clemens Vogt: Nobody can't deny it.

Then why did you write this book?

Clemens Vogt: As a therapist, I found that people does not always smoke because of nicotine addiction. I was wondering what makes smoking so attractive that many people can't quit it or have a lot of trouble trying to quit.

Christianne Finch: In addition, the image of smoking is becoming more extreme. We wanted to show the other side of the story.

Clemens Vogt: Lately, there is a witch hunt conducted against smokers. There is a kind of extremism emerged. We would like to show the positive side of smoking, because only if you know both sides, you can choose whether or not to smoke.

It's a moment for yourself

This is the main benefit of smoking?

Clemens Vogt: Rituals and habits are disappearing more and more, while people just need them. Smoking is for sure a regular habit and act. Its a ritual that brings fun and enjoyment. It gives you something to look forward, it gives you adrenaline. It is like the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas, the days before it starts to get excited.

Christianne Finch: Smoking a break-time. Every person has physically and mentally need to insert breaks in their life. By the way, you get during those breaks the best ideas because you are more relaxed.

Surely you can also pause with a cup of soup or a cup of coffee?

Christianne Finch: Yes, but soup or coffee don't have the magic of smoking. If you light a cigarette, you make fire and that's a symbol that dates back to the beginning of time.

Clemens Vogt: Also, when you blow the smoke in front of you, you're basically saying to your environment: "not right now".

But a smoker takes his breaks because he is addicted to nicotine, right?

Christianne Vink: Not exactly. The addiction is more to lighten up thoughtless one cigarette after another. By the way, one solution to smoke less is to make a ritual: smoke only in evenings, smoke only when you are with friends. Smoke it only after lunch. Then it becomes less addictive.

Isn't this book dangerous? It can lead to smoke more?

Christianne Finch: It is not our intention to encourage people to smoke. We only find that the negative aspects of smoking gets all the attention at the moment. Take the slogan: "smoking kills". Well, what about driving a car, or what about the excessive use of sugar. Ultimately, everything is fatal at a certain point.

Clemens Vogt: Young people should can find in "Holy Smoke" that it's healthier to life without smoking. But still they should still have the opportunity to decide it for themselves.

Finally, to smoke or not to smoke?

Christianne Finch: Don't do it.

Clemens Vogt: I do not regret that I quit. But I lost my breaks, and I lost my social contact.

The Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette might be the solution as it is the best of both worlds. It's much healthier then smoking regular cigarettes, it tastes better, your environment don't suffer from it and it offers smokers the opportunity to keep their habits, anywhere and any timee.

Smoking is a ritual and this remains the same for electronic smoking. It is very difficult to explain to non-smokers. Enjoy your breaks with it.

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