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Smoking is for real men

01-07-2014, by
Smoking soldier

"Men smoke more and more often than women". This statement is true for almost any country in the world except for Sweden.

According to the numbers from the Central Bureau of Statistics, smoke more than 25% of the men daily in Western Europe while the women "only" 20% of the females smoke. Also, the smoking of tobacco has decreased with almost 20% during the last 10 years.

WW see a similar trends in the rest of the world with peaks such as Denmark (almost 40 percent) and South Africa (43 percent fewer smokers).

Worldwide about 27 percent of males smoke versus 17 percent of the females. The Greek women (with or without mustache :) are smoking the most, but still less than their male colleagues.

Still more female e-smokers

It must be said that the numbers of e-smokers are not included. It is commonly known that there are more female e-smokers than men because women are more aware of the dangers and health risks. In general, women want a healthier body as they must give birth to a healthy baby. And of course, we agree on this.

Lately, the men are trying to catch up on e-smoking. The modern man take more and more care of his body.

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