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People smoke less at home since smoking ban

04-01-2014, by
Smoking in bed

The ban on smoking in public (restaurants, cafe or at work) causes that people smoke less. About 7% of smokers even stopped because of this prohibition. That explanation is not far to seek.

Fewer opportunities to smoke

The smoker has less time, opportunities and chances to smoke. This reduces the smoker's habit to light always a cigarette. And that habit is also reduced at home. More and more people notice the benefits of sitting in a smoke-free environment or room. Clothes don't stink after visiting a pub. Because of this reason, they also decide to smoke less at home or smoke outdoors.

Despite the declined number of smokers, the influx of new smokers remains relatively high. The total number of smokers remains almost the same. However, the total daily consumption dropped serious after the smoking ban.

Because the smoker has fewer opportunities to smoke, he tries to obtain maximum pleasure by deeper nicotine inhalation. Also people now smoke their cigarettes until the last pull, while previously cigarettes were discarded already after a few pulls.

Electric smoking is booming

It is better that we would switch to nicotine replacement products such as the e-cigarette. They are not only healthier, in most countries, you are allowed to smoke them in public. so you spread the intake of nicotine can do it more. E-cigs are also available in low doses of nicotine, even nicotine free.

Mainly people over 30 are e-smoking. At that age, more and more people begin to think about their health, as well as for their families. Also thirties get tired of their addiction look more to the financial aspect. If you've just bought a house with a loan to repay every dollar counts.

A final reason why the thirties more switch to electronic smoking is that it stinks less. They like more to spent the whole evening at home and odorless smoke becomes important, especially if they have also children. Moreover, they should not be afraid that the children play with the lighter or burning themselves on the ashes of the cigarette.

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