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Smoking in the presence of young children

09-19-2013, by
Smoking parents and their baby

According to the latest news, more and more children are smoking passively. They are exposed to the harmful tobacco smoke and risk of falling victim to all the harmful substances of the cigarette. The government urgently needs to wake up.

Organizations against Cancer are trying to take action against it. Jean-Jacques Cassiman (Chairman of the VLK) clearly asked the governments to prohibit smoking in presence of young children.

A law is needed but this law shouldn't just punish every parent immediately. Such a law should be a clear "signal" of the danger and can deter the parents to change their habits. Everyone is aware that smoking is harmful, also passive smoking, but for young children it is even more harmful.

SIDS and asthma caused by passive smoking

Babies of smoking parents have a greater risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Other dangers include a higher risk of asthma, meningitis and chronic bronchitis. And not only babies are vulnerable, even growing children and teenagers are victims.

The League against Cancer even dares to speak of a "child abuse". And every form or child abuse should be punishable. But the solution is not to bring all smoking parents into court. This is practically impossible. Nevertheless, we must continue to raise awareness and hope smokers start finally to realize their actions.

Smoking at home and privacy

Smoking at home falls unfortunately still under the privacy of citizens. But according to Mr. Cassiman is that right is not absolute. That right must yield to the right to the protection of children's health.

Electronic smoking is a good alternative

Electronic smoking seems to be a very good solution because there are no harmful emissions to third parties. Yet it remains ethically and morally inadvisable. After all, the young children feel that smoking is "normal" or even "good" when they see their parents smoking every day. But anyway, using an electronic cigarette is a big step in the right direction.

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