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Shisha pens are very popular amongst teenagers

Shisha pen
05-01-2014, by

Recently, it appears that fake cigarettes, also called Shisha pens, to be very popular amongst the youth. In this case, we mean by youth even primary school students sometimes even younger than ten years.

It goes without saying that because of this very young age many parents are worried and we also ask ourselves whether it is morally justify to allow this.

Brightly colored cigarettes

The Shisha pen contains no nicotine and harmful substances, but does produce a flavored vapor. The are usually disposable and contain sweet or fruity flavors such as strawberry, apple, peach, blueberry, cherry, watermelon, raspberry, grape and cola. The shishapen tastes exactly like a hookah without tobacco, nicotine or tar.

So there is a huge resemblance to the electronic cigarette because they are also safe for the health. It's a rather new product and as e-smokers, we would like to welcome it, but because of the very young age of some its users, we don't.

The bright colored 'fake' cigarettes are very popular with the children from eg. Amsterdam and Paris. Most suppliers seem even to be sold out. An vendor explains: "I see everywhere kids walking with it on the street. They learn to inhale, it is the first step to the cigarette".

A mother from Arnhem in Holland confirms: "At the school a 10-year old girl told me she was proud that she could smoke all over her lungs."

Fear of damage to reputation

Just because of the very young age, we fear for damage of the reputation and/or image of electronic smoking in general. The politicians will love to abuse this argument to prohibit as well our e-cigarette. Also, you can't just compare both devices. The quality of the shisha-pens is much lower and deliver much less performance. Yes, they are both electronic, but here stops the equation.

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