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Europe requires self-extinguishing cigarette

06-22-2014, by
Stop smoking

Annual, there are about 30,000 fires caused by cigarettes left unattended. The European Union has decided to do something about it and therefore, only cigarettes can still sold that automatically extinguish when not pulled. The European Comission hopes to save approximately 500 lives annually.

European Commissioner John Dalli: "The safest of all is not to smoke, but if people still want to smoke cigarettes, we know that with the new standards there is much less risk of fire." The tobacco companies are obliged to produce such exclusively cigarettes to save more people.

The principle and operation of the self-extinguishing cigarette is simple: two rings of thicker paper reduce air and therefore oxygen supply to the tobacco. This allows for a shorter burn time and reducing the risk to catch fire quickly to furniture, clothing, bedding or other flammable materials.

In Finland, the use of self-extinguishing cigarettes reduced the number of fatalities from burning cigarettes by more than 40 percent. The Commission hopes for a similar result for the whole European Union, which would save up to 500 lives. Between 2003 and 2010, cigarettes caused annually more than 30,000 fires, and even more than 1,000 dead and 4,000 wounded people.

The Electronic cigarette is the only full safe cigarette

However, the extinguishing cigarette is not completely safe. There is still a risk for fire as they still burn tobacco. Electronic cigarettes don't burn tobacco as there is only evaporation of water and flavorings.

The European Union would thus better promote the e-cigarette as a much safer alternative. This would indeed have public health benefit. Furthermore, the immersion cigarette delivers absolutely no inconvenience for the environment.

We wonder why the government chooses a half solution ( self-extinguishing traditional tobacco cigarette ) when the completely safe solution ( e-cigarette) exists.

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