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The risks of the electronic cigarette

08-29-2013, by
E-cigarette with 3 components

Smokers usually are aware the hazards and risks to health associated with smoking tobacco. However, the electronic cigarette is a rather new product and like usual, something 'new' or 'uncommon' scares us a bit.

To increase our fear for the "unknown", the tobacco company lobbies regularly spread around some misleading information to ruin the reputation of the e-cig. Be aware that both our governments and the tobacco companies earn billions of dollars and euros on regular cigarettes by taxes and profits.

We are now going to give an objective answer to the question whether the e-cigarette is dangerous or not. The vapor that we inhale by e-smoking is made up of water, flavoring, and nicotine. The only possible unhealthy substance is clearly the nicotine. Nicotine was never proofed to carcinogenic but it's not still not healthy. It's highly addictive and it boost our blood pressure and circulation. Because of the continuous changes in blood pressure, all smokers have a higher chance to get problems with their heart.

The is smoke from traditional cigarettes contain also nicotine but also even more then 4,000 other toxic and harmful substances. Many of them are known to be carcinogenic. The major cause can be found in the fact that by regular smoking tobacco is burned. In comparison, e-cigs only warm up its e-liquid.

Did you also know that during the last 10 years, the tobacco cigarette manufacturers have seriously increased the nicotine level to make their smokers more addictive. This way, they try to avoid that more and more smokers quit.

Alternative to nicotine addiction

A smoker who is highly addicted to nicotine and prefer to avoid the 4,000 harmfull carcinogenic substances in regular cigarettes have a few alternative options:

  • smokeless tobacco (chewing tobacco, snus, ...)
  • electronic cigarettes
  • pharmaceutical products (patches, inhalers, nicotine gum, ...)

A user of such products reduce the health risks to about 90 percent in compared to smoking of tobacco.

An important advantage of the e-cig is undoubtedly the fact that you can control the nicotine level. You can choose for the maximum dose of 24mg but you there is also 18mg, 12mg, 6 mg and even 0 mg. Many regular e-smokers reduce over time the nicotine strength of their e-liquid. It's clear that smoking 6mg e-cigarettes is a lot more safe. If you obtain for 0mg, you can be even sure that you are in a real good position.

By the way, let take a close look to 'snus'. This is a type of chewing tobacco which must be inserted under the upper lip. The product is banned in Europe except in Denmark and Sweden. Forty years ago, it started to get popular among male smokers. Nowadays, its quiet a common practice in these Scandinavian countries. It resulted in the fact that we see there a much lower percentage of men getting lung cancer. The percentage of men that get lung cancer that use common snus is comparable to the men who never have smoked tobacco.

"snus" is still banned in most countries in Europe. The main reason is that there are reports which indicate that "snus" is not 100% healthy, and therefore it should be banned. Even it is much healthier then tobacco, according to some authorities, this is not enough and therefore it should be "prohibited". It is indeed a strange logic because it prohibits the healthier product. And while the most unhealthy product of all, tobacco, may be freely sold, even to teenagers.


The electronic cigarette is certainly healthier than smoking tobacco. Nevertheless, it is not completely healthy because of the nicotine it contains. Fortunately, we can reduce the level of nicotine. But even at maximum strength, the e-cig is still a much better alternative.

You can compare it with a condom. A condom will protect you pretty well against sexual diseases. However, a condom is not 100% safe as it can tear or pull off. Despite this limited risks, we do good to use it, and so we do good when we choose for e-cigarettes.

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