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The risk of the e-cigarette is related to the quality

11-06-2013, by
The electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette can be quite dangerous. This says the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMH) and the FPS in a statement. Three years ago, the drug agency already sent a warning that the consumer instantly have to order on the internet any e-cigarette. It was advised to buy only quality brands.

The quality of the e-smoke varies greatly. There may be a risk occur on a nicotine overdose with the low-quality ecigs. The agency said today that they had bought so-called "nicotine free" cartridge of a Chinese manufacturer but in real, they still had a slight dose of nicotine. Watch out and be careful is the message, especially with unknown brands.

Wrong dose

The great danger is the dose of nicotine that is released. This dose is determined by the -liquid, the evaporator and processor in the battery. An electronic cigarette is normally designed to limit the inhalations. Therefore to get a too high dose can not occur. But if the e-cigarette is defect, the brake system can be down and then there is risk of posibble overdose.

This overdose is not without danger. A dose of 50mg can even be fatal for an adult. Yet, we must not go panic immediately. Most cartridges have a dosis of 1.8mg. So you should almost inhale three full cartridges in a short time.

American E-cigarettes meet stricter safety standards

Nevertheless, we warn that the user have to choose for the best quality. We therefore also recommend to e-smoke (electronic cigarette, e-cigar, or e-pipe) only famous American brands. They have all a higher security label and comply with stricter standards. The cheapest e-cigarettes that sometimes find on the internet are mostly made in China. They can be good, but there is also much crap in between.

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