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South Beach Smoke

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South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is located in a suburb of Chicago in America.

The company has been around since the early years of the e-cigarette and has always been a quiet big player. Their success is mainly based on a customer service and a reasonable good value for money.

span itemprop="itemreviewed">South Beach Smoke sends all their products worldwide, it takes on average between 1 and 14 days depending on the destination. In case of problems you can always contact their customer service which are extremely responsive.

Conveniently is the Home Delivery Program. Thanks to this program you should not worry about empty cartridges. After all, you get monthly 15 cartridges automatically delivered to your door. Above you get additional discounts on your starter-kit.


South Beach Smoke provides cartomizers with "Vapor Max" technology. This latest technology provides much vapor production. It generates a great "Throat hit" for good, even with lower nicotine content. All vaporMax cartridges are equipped with a silicone tip, so leaks hardly will occur anymore.

The e-cigarettes from South Beach Smoke are equipped with Supermax batteries. These are using advanced lithium-ion batteries with a super long power. They can be ordered in 3 colors. I have tested them and they might go 30 to 40% longer than their previous batteries.

In South Beach Smoke you can choose from the following kits:

  • the deluxe starter kit for $60 (€45)
  • the deluxe plus starter for $90 (€70)
  • the deluxe ultimate starter kit $160 (€120)


There are three standard tobacco flavors: Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Blue, Tobacco Gold. This seems to get a trend with the major quality brands. The Classic is recommended if you like Marlboro, Pal-Mal, Winston, or Lucky Strike. Tobacco Blue is for fans of Parliament, Kent, and L&M.

I also briefly sum the more exotic flavors: menthol, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, peach, peppermint and pina colada. By the way, South Beach has a package with 10 flavors available. (Tip: nice to give as a gift)

You have the choice of different levels of nicotine (24mg, 16mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg). There is no 18mg present, but instead a 16mg.


Their website is very nicely built. You navigate from the first moment flawlessly to anything you want. They are a good example of how a site should be.


South Beach Smoke also gives the classic "30 days money back" guarantee. There is even a lifetime warranty on the product itself. This also says something about the quality of their products.



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