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Premium e-cigarette

Premium Vapes is located in Virginia Beach in America. The company is a medium-sized player on the ecig market, both in America and in Europe. Their electronic cigarettes consist of two components.

The range of Premium Vapes is very spacious. You can really build your cigarette with numerous possibilities. They have truly something for everyone and this is perhaps their biggest strength.

Premium Vapes also deliver e-cigars and e-pipes.


Premium Vapes send all their products worldwide, it takes on average between 3 and 21 days depending on the destination. You can choose between USPS and FedEx courier.

For Europeans, The costs are a little lower than in eg. South Beach to ship, but this is still a lot higher than Green Smoke.


Premium Vapes provide much vapor. And much means in this case is really a lot. However, the "throat hit" is between average and good.

The batteries are very good, they deliver a little more voltage . Moreover, they have also long-lasting EGO batteries.

For Premium Vapes you can choose between the following kits :

  • the Electronic Cigarette kit to € 40 .
  • the Starter Kit to € 62 .
  • Premium EGO Starter Kit to € 62 .
  • Custom Battery kit € 90 .


There is only one tobacco flavor: Premium Tobacco, but the taste is good.

No lack of other flavors : Menthol , Vanilla , Cherry, Coffee, Chocolate, Blue Berry, Apple, pear, cola, peach, strawberry, Caramel, Irish Cream (baileys ), Whisky , watermelon, Cola Rum and Tequila.

You can choose between different levels of nicotine (24mg, 16mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg). There is no 18mg present.


Their website is a little confusing at first due to their different layout and variety. So you're at start a bit busy looking around. Because they have so much it's more difficult to decide what you really want to go order.

The customer service works fine and is readily available. No complaints here.


Premium Vapes also gives the classic "30 days money back" guarantee. There is a 1 year warranty on the product itself


Price/Quality4star Premium Vapes offer many products. The quality is good but not the best. Visit their site:
Service and website3.5star
(3 stars)

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