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Traditional cigarettes with cocoa

03-29-2014, by
Cocoa beans

The tobacco industry is always looking for new ways to make smoking more popular. Despite the fact that they secretly have increased the nicotine levels by 10% between 1998 and 2004, still more and more smokers switch to the electronic cigarette.

"If you can't win, join them". The tobacco companies now show up with cigarettes with more exotic flavors. For years, such flavors already exist with e-cigarettes.

Honey, cocoa and plums

According to the magazine "Food and Chemical Toxicology" add some cigarette brands prune juice, cocoa or honey to tobacco cigarettes to seduce teenagers. Sweets are in fact popular. Look eg. to the popular drinks such as Bacardi Breezer.

This addition have also side effects. The smoker can inhale now deeper and the smoke is less intrusive. But it's not listed on the cigarette boxes that the 'burnt' sugar makes the smoke even more toxic.

E-cigarette sector is concerned

The manufacturers of e-cigarettes are concerned that harmful sweet tobacco cigarettes will give a bad image to the many flavors they also offer. And this is very "unfair" as in electric cig the sugars are not burned, but only warmed up.

Also more and more concerned parents ask the government to ban the new exotic tobacco flavors.

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