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Study confirmed addiction

09-11-2013, by

Rather no sex, then no cigarette

Sexy smoker

Scape, an organization that stimulates everyone to quit smoking, recently announced that smokers prefer to live without sex then without a cigarette.

They surveyed about 2,000 smokers from all over Europe. More than 55% of Belgian smokers and more than 70% of Dutch smokers admitted is easier to live without sex for a month then to live without a cigarette.

In Great Britain, France and Germany the number rises even to 80%. This indicates that smoking is really addictive, but also that it can give us an enormous amount of pleasure.

Also a large majority confirmed that they would risks there life for it. They would attend even to very dangerous sports such as bungee jumping or skydiving if this was needed to keep smoking. And this while otherwise they would not dare do these sports.

Quit smoking

Another notable news from the study is that 33% even never tried a quit attempt. Nevertheless, 60 percent of the smokers consider to stop if their love life would suffer from it. Other reasons to quit are health, cost, and the concern for the family and relatives that passively smoke.

Frightening is that more than 60 percent of smokers who quit, restart a month later again. Less than 25 percent requires professional help to stop, nor is aware of tools such as the e-cigarette or nicotine patches. However, the study discovered that the majority of smokers who did use such tools could stop, at least for a period of one year. Once one is addicted, he can indeed always relapse, even after several years. This happens usually because of emotional and psychological reasons.

Smoking is more than a nicotine addiction

The smoking addiction is more than a craving for nicotine. Smoking is a ritual that has a huge impact on our life in both positive and negative ways. It offers us a moment of break. During this pause, the smoke can really relax and enjoy.

Smoking is a fixed behavior: go to the shop to buy a pack of cigarettes in the morning, have something in your hands, walk outside to smoke a cigarette in a restaurant or bar, etc. These are all actions that give structure to the daily life of the smoker.

Study confirmed

This new study confirms previous research. In 2001 and 2006, there was already large-scaly studies done in the United states and they told us similar results.

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