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Quit smoking using the e-Cigarette

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Quit Smoking

Because smoking tobacco is unhealthy, many smokers would like to quit, but in practice, this is more difficult than thought (or hoped). Especially the nicotine in the cigarette makes smoking addictive. Nevertheless, there are smokers who manage the quit smoking for long term, but most smokers fail into this. Such smokers are benefited more to reduce slowly the level of nicotine. The e-cigarette is an excellent tool and aid for this.

We review rapidly the facts that affect the chances of success in quit smoking.

  • There is of course motivation and perseverance needed in order to quit forever. If you're not motivated, you should not even think to stop.

  • The addiction level plays an important role. We said already that nicotine is very addictive, but there are other things in smoking that are also addictive. People can be psychologically addicted to the acts of smoking. This can be various things: the hand-to-mouth-act, the need to hold something in your hands, the habit to go to buy cigarettes every morning or evening, etc... Smoking is a learned behavior. Something that can be learned can also be unlearned, though in practice this is often slightly harder.

  • The quality and experience with the electronic cigarette are very important in the process to quit smoking. If you for example definitely don't enjoy e-smoking (eg. when the taste is too bad or when e-smoking is too complex), then you will quickly return to the 'analog' (traditional) smoking of tabacco. Alternatively, when the experience with e-smoking is wonderful, you will be able to quit smoothly. Besides, smoking e-cigarettes is a lot healthier than smoking tobacco.

The roadmap

The electronic cigarette is a perfect aid to say goodbye forever to tobacco. You start best with cartridges with a high dose of nicotine. Over time, you will gradually reduce this nicotine level to zero. In the final phase, attention is also paid to the reduction of the smoking habits. Finally, you even stop electronic smoking.



  • Smoke during the first 4 weeks with a high dose of 2.4% nicotine.
  • Then smoke during 6 weeks a dose of 1.8% nicotine.
  • During another 6 weeks, smoke a low dosage of 0.8% nicotine.
  • Smoke the last 4 weeks nicotine free. During this period, try also to reduce your habits.

Nevertheless, this scheme provides no warranty. Some smokers leave at the last phase, other even in the beginning. This depends from the person to person. If you fail, then we advise to seek professional help from a therapist who can guide you to beat your addiction. But most people will succeed in this.

Additional tips

  • Purchase a high-quality e-cigarette with much comfort. This is of course an automatic two-component e-cig. This helps in the transition to e-smoking. Smoke at least one week solely electronically. Yes, e-smoking feels a little awkward in the beginning because the taste can vary with your trusty tobacco brand. Or are not used to inhale deeper, etc... A quality brand like V2 Cigs ore Green Smoke can help a lot here.

  • Avoid tension and stress because these are the main reasons for many smokers to smoke. Try to go hiking or enjoy some sports in the nature. This is not only healthy for your body, its also good for your mind.

  • Strengthen your "awareness of smoking". Think on why you don't want to smoke anymore and remind this yourself several times.

  • Find distraction. Smoking is between the ears and the more distractions you have, the less you think that you need to smoke a cigarette. Play some games, have stimulating talks, nibble a gum, etc...

  • Avoid having empty-hands, take a pen or a pencil in your hands.

  • Make a bet. Social pressure often helps! (especially in the beginning). Request support for your environment. Most people are happy to give you moral support.

  • Avoid to join or to meet your smoking friends, so stay away for a while from the lovely pub.

  • Hide your ashtray, lighter and of course cigarettes.

  • Stay motivated. Even though you have sinned once by smoking a single cigarette, this does not mean that you're back into smoking. Motivate yourself by thinking about your initial decision to quit.

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