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Quit smoking reduces fear

01-13-2014, by

Smoking helps people with stress, but it makes also our body more alert and sensitive to fear.

Scientists from several universities surveyed during one year more than 500 people who participated in a 'quit smoking' course. For those who managed in their quit attempt, a remarkable decrease of having fear was shown.

This effect was even higher among smokers who were in a depression or had similar mental problems. Smokers with mood disorders who failed in their quit attempt, were more affected by their anxiety.

The doctors explain it like this: Smokers that need to have a cigarette to relax and to forget their problems are breaking this cycle which makes them feel less anxious. A successful stop attempt helps to feel more confident.

This also explains while many ex-smokers feel more happy. And we see the same results to people that switched to the electronic cigarette.

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