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Quit smoking improves cholesterol

01-24-2014, by

According to a U.S. study, quit smoking has a beneficial effect on the cholesterol in the blood. Even when you are gaining weight after stopping, your cholesterol level improves. Researchers came to this conclussion after analyzing 30,000 smokers who were able to stop successfully.

After stopping, people gain on average 10 lbs (4.6kg)in weight. Without stopping people gain 1.5lb (0.7 kg). To men, the HDL cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol) improved by 2.4 mg/dL. To woman, this improvement was 2.8 mg/dL. There was no effect on LDL cholesterol, this is the 'bad' cholesterol, with both men and women.

Smokers of tobacco who continued to smoke saw their HDL became 0.1 mg/dL worse. That's mainly due the additional weight gain. The exact reason why the cholesterol is less good with smokers is not yet fully known.

Electric smoking

It was found that smokers who were switching to electronic smoking showed the same beneficial effects. Well, not the same, they scored even better because this group gained only limited weight.

Among e-smoking men, the HDL improved with 3 mg/dL and the female e-smokers improved by 3.4 mg/dL. That's really a remarkable improvement.

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