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Good vs Bad of the e-Cigarette

08-08-2013, by

The electronic cigarette has both advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at the most important ones:


  • They don't smell, so your clothes and breath will not stink awful.
  • Because they don't smell, you can smoke them even in places where regular cigarettes are undesirable.
  • There is no flame, there is no carbon monoxide emitted. Therefore, the people around do not experience any discomfort.
  • Ecigs are much cheaper than regular cigarettes. You save at least half.
  • You don't need to have ashtrays or lighters anymore with you.
  • They don't contain tar which makes them healthier.
  • You shouldn't be afraid for yellow teeth, fingers or nails.
  • E-cigarettes are useful as an aid to quit smoking.
  • There exist more and other flavors like vanilla, chocolate, coffee, etc...


  • Your battery may get exhausted. You need to keep this in mind and replace or recharged when its empty.
  • You can't just buy them in aach (night) shop. You should have enough stock in advance.
  • In some countries, you can't somke them in public places.
  • The vapor contains less nicotine which makes that you need to smoke a little longer to obtain the same nicotine effect.
  • The initial purchase of the device and accessories looks expensive. This will earned back later on because of the lower consumption cost.

It's clearly, there are many more advantages than disadvantages. This explains the current success and growth of the e-cigarette in most countries, especially the united states. Most of the advantages are caused by the absence of a flame, combustion and ashes. This has also an nice side effect. Every year numerous fires occur worldwide due to smoldering cigarettes or ashes.

Despite there is no fire, there is also no smoke. Instead there is water vapor that isn't harmful to the environment or 3rd people. The vapor does look like smoke, but here the comparison stops. The vapor also don't smell.

But can we assume that e-cigarette are completely healthy? Well, there are electronic cigarettes which contain nicotine. As we know, nicotine is addictive. There is no evidence that nicotine is carcinogenic, still it has negative effects such as an increased heart rate, negative effect on the skin, etc...

There are of course also e-cigs without nicotine (or with a very low percentage) and it is up to the user whether or not to choose for them. Anyway, a regular cigarette is in any case much unhealthier because of the tar, arsenic, carbon monoxide and thousands of other toxic substances released during the burning of tobacco.

Why do not everyone smoke electronic?

If you look at the pros and cons, this seems logical. However, not every smoker is aware of the existence of the e-cigarette. Overall, its still a new product. Also, they are not available in every shop around the corner. In many countries, the governments prohibit their sale mainly because of tax losses. Keep in mind that governments make annual billions of dollars or euros through taxes on the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The powerful lobby or the tobacco industry (where again a lot of money is involved) tries to undermine the success and image of the e-cigarette. They spread around fear, lies and untruths. The purpose of this website is to provide all our readers the most correct and objective information.

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