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Stress can be more harmful for the heart than smoking

Grey hair from stress

I think no one will be surprised that stress is unhealthy. A recent study at the University of Columbia in the U.S. tells us that people who are regularly exposed to stress have nearly 30 percent more chance to get heart failure. Also was shown that stress is equally bad to the heart than smoking 5 regular cigarettes per day.

The study lasted 14 years. All subjects were divided into two groups: people with a lot of stress and more relaxed persons. Furthermore, the scientists took also the results of six other studies.

It turned out that the effect of stress on the heart was the same for both women and men. The older people that had stress, it was even more unhealthy. This confirms the suspicion that the effects of stress accumulate over time. Especially, for risk groups, stress can easily trigger a heart attack.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

A higher cholesterol level is bad for our arteries that get faster narrow. Higher blood pressure puts pressure on the heart and also does stiffen the veins making them more likely to get a blockage. These two factors determine whether you will get a heart attack or stroke in more then 50% of the cases.

Stress increases as the blood pressure, but also increases the level of cholesterol in the blood. In average, the blood pressure is increased by 2.7 (systolic pressure) / 1.4 (under pressure). A healthy blood pressure is way below 140/90mmHg. The average cholesterol is increased by 2.8 mmol/l. A healthy cholesterol level should be below 2.0 mmol/l. In other words, the increase in the cholesterol as a result of the stress is even more than the recommended level.

Electronic smoking is good for our heart?

All First, we should note that the above results of the survey averages. Individuals with a large dose of stress are very vulnerable. To them, it's highly advised to relax regularly. This can be best done by doing sports, but not everyone has the time of passion for this. For these people, the electronic cigarette can certainly help.

If we e-smoke, we both relax our mind and body as smoking is a moment of pause time. To take a pause often is really needed. This is not only soothing, we often get the best inspirations while smoking a cigarette. Every smoker can confirm this.

People who have low stress (do these people nowadays still exist?) can experience an increased blood pressure as a result of the heavily smoking of e-cigs with very high doses of nicotine. Therefore, it's recommend to smoke not the highest dose (24mg), but an average or lower dose. With the e-cigarette, its very easy to slowly build it down. Good luck.

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Smoking disappears in the Benelux 2050

Stad in de toekomst

By 2050, there will be virtually no tobacco smokers anymore in Western Europe. That is a remarkable conclusion that the bank Citigroup advises its investors. Because it still takes almost 40 years, shareholders don't need to get rid of their shares in tobacco companies.

They come to this conclusion by looking at how many percentage of adult smokers are still smoking since the sixties. This number is decreasing annually.

It's also expected that the fight against tobacco will keep increasing which will also have its effects. Other reasons include an increasing awareness of the health risks, increased taxes and adapting packaging.

Different from country to country

In Australia Citigroup expects that smoking market is dead in 17 years. For Belgium and Netherlands, the tobacco industry has 40 years left.

Another trend in Germany and France. In France, smoking will become a rarity from 2118 and in Germany after 2280.

E-smoking is the future

Citigroup calculated the effects of decreased smoking to the tobacco industry. To survive in the future, they need to focus on poor countries in Africa and Asia. The tobacco companies have also to invest in electronic smoking as this will become the smoking of the future.

Until 2020, it is expected that earnings still rise in the Western world. The bank lowered its investors advice from 'buy' to 'hold'.

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The e-cigarette is becoming popular

Woman with ecigarette

Today, we can not longer ignore the electronic cigarette. We see e-cigs regularly on the streets and it's currently the number one nicotine replacement worldwide.

According to analysts from the tobacco market, the volume of electronic cigarettes will keep growing because more and more people begin to know its benefits. We again take a closer look at the important reasons:

  • It's healthier

    The main reason to switch is the fact that the electronic cigarette is a much healthier and safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. This is not only good for the smoker, also his environment will benefit.

    Since a couple of years, the society doesn't accept any longer that smokers spread their harmful smoke in public. People are more aware of the 4000 harmful chemicals that get released when smoking regular cigarettes (because tobacco get burned). As there is no harmful emission with 'e-smoking', most people react very positive to this healthier alternative.

  • It's cheaper

    Because governments need more money, they stick increasing taxes on the traditional cigarette. This makes them almost priceless today.

    Fortunately, there is yet no excise duty levied on e-cigarettes. This would be ethically incorrect since it's healthier to the smoker and certainly for his surroundings. Such a better alternative should not be discouraged.

    But the e-cigarette is also harmful. He is in fact harmful to the national treasury and to the wallet of tobacco companies.

    At the moment, e-smoking is at least half cheaper. In practice, this means annually a difference of $750 to $1500 (€500 to € 1,000).

  • Helps to quit smoking

    Quit smoking seems and is very difficult. Almost everyone agrees that a gradual reduction in nicotine addiction is the best way to success. The ecigarette is a great tool for this technique since they exist with different nicotine levels of 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg. This allows the body each time to get used to the lower level. In the last stage (with 0mg), the e-smoker must unlearn his smoking habits.

  • Better and more pure taste

    Once you e-smoke, you will understand how dirty or bad the tobacco-cigarette tastes. The reason can be found in the fact, that the taste of an e-smoked is restored and improved. E-cigarettes have indeed a better taste and more pure taste. There are also much more variations possible. Flavors like apple, chocolate, cola, coffee, pina colada, cherry, etc... are popular.

  • More clean

    Because the electronic cigarette emits no smoke but water vapor, you can smoke them anywhere without disturbing. They are completely odorless, so you can smoke them in your new car, in your bedroom or living home without having to worry that everything is gets dirty. Your clothes will not stink, your teeth and nails will not turn yellow, etc...

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What effect has smoking on your relationship?

smoking and a relation

Every day, billions of cigarettes are smoked in the world. We already know more than half a century that smoking of tobacco is bad for our health. There must be some reason why smoking is so attractive. Many smokers indicate that it adds "value" to their lives.

Smoking is relaxing and it offers social benefits. A smoker start a conversation faster with another smoker. One feels connected more quickly and evenly when people are sharing the same things.

Smoking is often seen as being tough by the youth. That is why most smokers start before they turn 21. Sometimes there is fear of being not accepted in certain social groups, but mostly it's just a consequence of that teenagers want to experiment.

Often a non-smoker doesn't understand why smoking is so attractive or why it is so difficult to quit smoking. The smokers suffer even sometimes with mixed feelings. They also know that tobacco is not healthy. On the other hand, they had many good smoking experiences, so there are a kind of emotional ties with the cigarette.

The impact on the relationship

If you do not smoke and you have a relationship with a smoker, then the cigarette feels like a barrier between each other. You are connected to each other but that cigarette often stands in the way. Most smokers are not always aware of it, but these unintended effects can be very annoying for the non-smoking partner.

Especially hygiene is usually the biggest stumbling block. The partners complain they have to kiss an ashtray, they complain about the smell in the house and/or in the clothing. This odor can ruin an intimate moment properly.

Most smokers understand that their behavior can indeed be annoying. They try to solve by brushing their teeth or consuming chewing gum. Some smokers consider to quit out of love for their partner. But this is a very delicate process and not for everyone as the smoking behavior differs from person to person. Also, smoking is not only a physical addiction to nicotine, it is also a social addiction. Unlearning the actions that smoking entails, according to some experts, are even harder to achieve.

A smoker who wants to quit must be well motivated and prepared. The love for the partner can help, especially when the partner is honest and straight. Many people do indeed tend to neglect themselves, but for their partner, they are still willing to go through extremes. The love (and certainly the fear of losing the loved one) can be very motivating.

Partners are worried about the health

A British study recently did a survey and showed that nearly 80% of the respondents wish their partner would reduce smoking. More than half is hoping their partner would quit smoking tobacco.

Most non-smoking partners are enormously concerned about the health of their smoking loved one. Both young and old think about the negative effects of the prolonged tobacco smoking. They all have fear of loosing their partner too early later in life.

The Electronic Cigarette

Fortunately, the e-cigarette is the solution for all love-birds among us. Electronic smoking is not only healthier for the smoker himself, it mainly provides no inconvenience for the partner. No more smelly clothes or breath. The e-smoker don't need to smoke outdoors every hour which makes it more social. It's very annoying if you are enjoying a romantic evening together on the sofa.

But most virtue, the non-smoking partner no longer needs to fear to stay behind lonely. Even though it is no Valentine yet, I advise all partners to order today an e-cigarette. Your relation will benefit from it.

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Ryanair allows e-smoking

Ryanair allows electronic smoking

The Irish airline Ryanair is selling electronic cigarettes on board of its aircrafts. Ryanair hopes to make all travelers satisfied: smokers can get their nicotine and non-smokers are not bothered by the smoke.

The latter is important because then the e-smokers not longer suffer from grumpy non-smokers since there is no combustion. This means also that the e-cig is not dangerous to cause fire on the plane.

Ryanair came up with the idea after a big survey among its passengers. Just over 24,000 of the 1 million respondents asked explicitly to allow smoking during a flight. But since the nineties, it is forbidden to smoke tobacco on any the plane. Luckily, the ecigarette is a good solution and alternative.

Adults may buy 10 disposable e-cigarettes for ten euros. A pack of ten is enough for several flights" says McNamara, CEO of Ryan Air.

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Electric cigarette and politics


Since a few years, the electronic cigarette is booming heavily. The reason for this can be found in the fact that it is a cheap and healthier alternative to the regular cigarettes. Unfortunately, the e-cig can't count on a warm welcome from governments. Although almost all experts agree that it is a healthier alternative of smoking, it is also a nightmare for the treasury.

Taxes are definitely needed to finance the power of the ruling parties. We continue to pay them because most good citizens believe in what the state prescribes them. Our governments create an easy platform for all charges by taxing all the so-called 'bad' habits of citizens.

The tobacco excise

Every year, the governments earns billion of dollars or euros by the nicotine addiction of its citizens. Excise duties are even increased annually to supposedly protect people against the harmful effects of tobacco smoking.

Beside high taxes, the government is trying to let us reduce smoking by banning it in public places, by warning the smokers for scary diseases and showing confrontational pictures on the packaging.

If our health would be so important for the government, then in that case they should be delighted of the existence of a less harmful alternative for the traditional unhealthy cigarette. Yes, our government would ban traditional smoking and support electronic smoking instead.

Besides, all the anti-smoking campaigns have only a limited effect. It's known that nicotine addicts nevertheless continue to smoke. In advance studies examined the effect all the measures on the number of smokers and their consumption. This should not decrease too much because the money should continue to flow.

Did you know that the treasury in Indonesia is filled for 90% filled by tobacco taxes? There, it is even so bad that the government blatantly is calling everyone to start smoking. And especially to smoke more.

You understand immediately that the finance minister is less happy with the arrival of the e-cigarette. The ecig is a treasury killer. There is no option, the ecigarette has to be stopped.

Nicotine as a drug

To protect the treasury against a potential disaster, the government has a few options:

  • Make the tax on nicotine cartridges evenly as to tobacco products.

    This may seem obvious, but it proofs that tobacco taxes are not designed to protect our health, but purely to protect the public purse. So bad plan.

  • Qualify the nicotine cartridge as illegal drug.

    This isn't a good idea as well because then they need to prohibit all nicotine products. So, even regular cigarettes can't be sold anymore. An even much worse plan.

  • Classify the nicotine in the cartridge as a drug.

    Excellent plan!

More and more countries (like Netherlands and Belgium) have classified cartridges with nicotine as medicinal agent. Again, cartridges with nicotine as a medicament. Can it even get more ridiculous? Yet, it is the only way for the government to sabotage the e-cigarette.

When a new drug comes on the market, the government must approve it first, otherwise it should not be sold. Indeed, the government protects its citizens in this way against quacks. The launch of a new drug is a lengthy and costly process. Many pharmaceutical companies are going for this reason even bankruptcy. The manufacturers of electronic cigarettes wait a long agony of rules and tests that will last for years and years. The government hopes that most of these companies get stuck during this phase.

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