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Vendors of e-cigarettes fear too much influence of the tobacco industry

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In the state of Oklahoma in the United States, a new law was voted last month to put the electronic cigarette under a similar label like traditional cigarettes. A direct result of this new rule is that it's now forbidden to sell to e-cigs to minors.

In addition, an extra tax will be levied on the sale of e-cigarettes to cause higher prices.

The retailers that sell e-cigarettes are not satisfied. They claim there was already own rules not to sell ecigs to minors. The vendors claim that the new law has come through cooperation of the local government and larger tobacco companies. They are partners in crime.

Both parties take advantage of this new situation. The local government sees more revenue and that the price gap with traditional tobacco cigarette has narrowed. Tobacco companies hope to lose fewer smokers. Furthermore, the tobacco industry tries to enforce further rules. They put pressure on the politics to get more influence on the e-cigarette.

The Internet

A consequence of the higher tax is that many consumers now place orders online on the internet. Orders are made in another state where these new taxes don't apply.

It's possible that the state of Oklahoma in time will acquire even less revenue as local sales volumes fall sharply. This phenomenon is also seen in Europe more and more. Once one country sets a tax raise on a product, we see that the consumer travel to their neighboring countries to obtain supplies.

In the mean time, the powerful tobacco lobby tries to convince more states and countries to increase the taxes on electronic cigs.

Buy directly at the source

Besides, we can only recommend to order your e-cigarettes online direct from the e-cigarette manufacturers. It is your best guarantee that you don't buy fake products. Yes, buy at the source as this is very advantageous. It saves time if you send back a broken ecig, the manufacturers themselves do usually much less difficult on guarantees compared to a local seller. A final advantage to purchase directly at the source is the lower price. This is logical because every intermediary must also make money.

One drawback for Europeans to order from the manufacturer is that you are required to order this in the UK or USA. In the other countries, all sellers are importers and thus intermediaries .

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Electronic smoking is very suitable to use on public places

Smoking Jimmy White

Anno 2013, its not allowed anymore to smoke tobacco in cafes, bars or restaurants in the Western world. And we see this trend also in other continents of our planet. Smoking tobacco is banned and will stay banned everywhere. It's just a matter of time.

The reason is of course the harmful emissions from the cigarette. In addition, more and more studies confirm that secondhand smoke is almost as dangerous. Even 3rd-party smoke should be harmful.

Now the good news. Our electronic cigarette has no harmful emissions and so passive e-smoking is not harmful. Still, regardless of these facts, there are still countries including Belgium which ban public e-smoking. The logic is difficult to see here.

Although, the vapor of the e-cigs contain no tar or other harmful substances like carbon monoxide. It is odorless, does not sting the eyes and does not discolour the walls, teeth or clothing. What more do you want?

Not to be underestimated is the fact that there is no ashtray needed and there is no risk for fire. If you eg. play a game of billiards or snooker, there is no danger for the carpet when you're e-smoking during your game. Remember, no ashes.

The same applies to smoking in an airplane. There are airlines that allow e-cigarettes, but unfortunately there are plenty of them who prohibits.

The e cigarette encourages smoking?

The biggest argument against electric smoking in public is that it would encourage people, especially teenagers, to start smoking. I doubt if this is really the case. Maybe the product becomes more familiar and thus more and more people will switch to the e-cig. But is this bad? Yeah, maybe for the treasury and that is all that matters.

Studies also have proven that the smokers who switch to e-smoke all reduced their smoking habits. E-smoking is not encouraging but discouraging.

Besides if governments are so concerned about the health of their citizens, why they don't prohibit the ordinary cigarette completely? Everyone agrees that analog smoking is much more unhealthy. The same goes for alcohol and unhealthy food.

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Quit smoking reduces fear


Smoking helps people with stress, but it makes also our body more alert and sensitive to fear.

Scientists from several universities surveyed during one year more than 500 people who participated in a 'quit smoking' course. For those who managed in their quit attempt, a remarkable decrease of having fear was shown.

This effect was even higher among smokers who were in a depression or had similar mental problems. Smokers with mood disorders who failed in their quit attempt, were more affected by their anxiety.

The doctors explain it like this: Smokers that need to have a cigarette to relax and to forget their problems are breaking this cycle which makes them feel less anxious. A successful stop attempt helps to feel more confident.

This also explains while many ex-smokers feel more happy. And we see the same results to people that switched to the electronic cigarette.

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Tobacco slowly makes you dumber

Smoking of tobacco affects the brains. This proofs study done on the UMC St. Radboud in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. But there is also hope. If you quit smoking, then that your brain will restore the minor damages. It's a very slowly process, but recovery is possible.

On average, it takes 20 years before the brains function again as like non-smokers. Ex-smokers who have stopped gain their cognitive functions back. By this, we mean the recording and processing of knowledge, perception, thinking, language skills, consciousness, memory, attention, concentration and practical skills.

E-smokers don't suffer from brain damage. Another good reason to start e-smoking?

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Smoking is for real men

Smoking soldier

"Men smoke more and more often than women". This statement is true for almost any country in the world except for Sweden.

According to the numbers from the Central Bureau of Statistics, smoke more than 25% of the men daily in Western Europe while the women "only" 20% of the females smoke. Also, the smoking of tobacco has decreased with almost 20% during the last 10 years.

WW see a similar trends in the rest of the world with peaks such as Denmark (almost 40 percent) and South Africa (43 percent fewer smokers).

Worldwide about 27 percent of males smoke versus 17 percent of the females. The Greek women (with or without mustache :) are smoking the most, but still less than their male colleagues.

Still more female e-smokers

It must be said that the numbers of e-smokers are not included. It is commonly known that there are more female e-smokers than men because women are more aware of the dangers and health risks. In general, women want a healthier body as they must give birth to a healthy baby. And of course, we agree on this.

Lately, the men are trying to catch up on e-smoking. The modern man take more and more care of his body.

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French teenage girls smoke more than boys

Smoking teenage girl

On average, about a third of all teenagers between 10 and 15 years smokes or has ever smoked before. This high figure is mainly due to the young girls. As many as 35 percent have already pulled a cigarette, compared with 31% of boys. But more important, the girls usually smoke more and get addicted to tobacco faster.

These numbers were announced by the French Federation of Cardiologists (FFC). Their intent was to get an insight of the smoking behavior of adolescents.

Professor Daniel Thomas points his finger to the adolescents. He says that heart diseases are the number one cause of death for women. According to the professor do parents play a crucial role.

A teenage boy has his first contact with a cigarette when he become 11 years and 6 months while the girls start a little later. They start at 12, but they seem to experiment more than the boys. They are definitely more curious.

Also notable was that only a half of the girls stopped experimenting after their first contact with tobacco. For boys this percentage is slightly higher (60%).

Stress and being slim

The FFC also tried to figure out why the girls grab the cigarette more often. A survey found that over 60% of young women cited stress as the main cause to smoke, while 20% said hope not to thicken due to the use of cigarettes.

United Kingdom

The figures are clearly higher than those in the United Kingdom. In 2012, the number of young smokers dropped here by five percent. During the last five years, the number of smoking teenage girls has even fallen from 30 to 20 percent.

However, more frightening is the fact that more and more teenage mother continue to smoke during their pregnancy. The girls hope that their baby will be smaller and so childbirth will go easier. A trend that we absolutely reject.

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