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Studies confirm electronic cigarette is more effective than patches

New Zealand

The e-cigarette is better and more effective than nicotine replacement products such as patches as an aid to smoking cessation.

A team from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, performed the first clinical study with 657 chain smokers.

The study revealed that after six months 7.3% of smokers after still stopped. This was higher than the 5.8% of the users that tried nicotine patches. Almost all the participants were more enthusiastic about the e cigarette.

Also found that relapsed users of the e-cigarette afterwards smoke fewer tobacco cigarettes than users of patches. The electronic smokers were all surprised how many positive compliments they received from their environment. This is logical as the vapor from an e cigarette is odorless and is not harmful.

The e-cigarettes are very useful to build off the nicotine addiction. Herein, the sensory sensation that mimics the smoking is of great importance. After all, this ensures that the electronic cigarette is a very useful tool for people trying to quit.

E-smoking does reduce regular smoking

Also recent findings presented at the "European Respiratory Society" meeting showed similar results.

Professor Peter Hajek of the Queen Mary University of London explains: "After six months, the cigarette consumption is halved by nearly 60% of the electronic smokers, compared to only 40 percent of the users of patches.

Prof. Chris Bullen of the University of Auckland says: "The results show no major differences on quit rates between the e-cigarette and related patches, it seems certain that the e-cigarette is much more effective to do reduce smoking."

Peter Hajek described the study as "groundbreaking". According to him, the key message is clear, the electronic cigarette is:

  • at least as effective as nicotine patches

  • more attractive to smokers than patches. This is because they sensory approach or simulate normal smoking.

  • They are also easier to obtain because they don't have currently the limitations of medicines that also require expensive involvement of medical professionals (doctors, pharmacists , etc...). This therefore provides a substantial savings for healthcare.

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Premium Vapes

Premium e-cigarette

Premium Vapes is located in Virginia Beach in America. The company is a medium-sized player on the ecig market, both in America and in Europe. Their electronic cigarettes consist of two components.

The range of Premium Vapes is very spacious. You can really build your cigarette with numerous possibilities. They have truly something for everyone and this is perhaps their biggest strength.

Premium Vapes also deliver e-cigars and e-pipes.


Premium Vapes send all their products worldwide, it takes on average between 3 and 21 days depending on the destination. You can choose between USPS and FedEx courier.

For Europeans, The costs are a little lower than in eg. South Beach to ship, but this is still a lot higher than Green Smoke.


Premium Vapes provide much vapor. And much means in this case is really a lot. However, the "throat hit" is between average and good.

The batteries are very good, they deliver a little more voltage . Moreover, they have also long-lasting EGO batteries.

For Premium Vapes you can choose between the following kits :

  • the Electronic Cigarette kit to € 40 .
  • the Starter Kit to € 62 .
  • Premium EGO Starter Kit to € 62 .
  • Custom Battery kit € 90 .


There is only one tobacco flavor: Premium Tobacco, but the taste is good.

No lack of other flavors : Menthol , Vanilla , Cherry, Coffee, Chocolate, Blue Berry, Apple, pear, cola, peach, strawberry, Caramel, Irish Cream (baileys ), Whisky , watermelon, Cola Rum and Tequila.

You can choose between different levels of nicotine (24mg, 16mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg). There is no 18mg present.


Their website is a little confusing at first due to their different layout and variety. So you're at start a bit busy looking around. Because they have so much it's more difficult to decide what you really want to go order.

The customer service works fine and is readily available. No complaints here.


Premium Vapes also gives the classic "30 days money back" guarantee. There is a 1 year warranty on the product itself


Price/Quality4star Premium Vapes offer many products. The quality is good but not the best. Visit their site:
Service and website3.5star
(3 stars)
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South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is located in a suburb of Chicago in America.

The company has been around since the early years of the e-cigarette and has always been a quiet big player. Their success is mainly based on a customer service and a reasonable good value for money.

span itemprop="itemreviewed">South Beach Smoke sends all their products worldwide, it takes on average between 1 and 14 days depending on the destination. In case of problems you can always contact their customer service which are extremely responsive.

Conveniently is the Home Delivery Program. Thanks to this program you should not worry about empty cartridges. After all, you get monthly 15 cartridges automatically delivered to your door. Above you get additional discounts on your starter-kit.


South Beach Smoke provides cartomizers with "Vapor Max" technology. This latest technology provides much vapor production. It generates a great "Throat hit" for good, even with lower nicotine content. All vaporMax cartridges are equipped with a silicone tip, so leaks hardly will occur anymore.

The e-cigarettes from South Beach Smoke are equipped with Supermax batteries. These are using advanced lithium-ion batteries with a super long power. They can be ordered in 3 colors. I have tested them and they might go 30 to 40% longer than their previous batteries.

In South Beach Smoke you can choose from the following kits:

  • the deluxe starter kit for $60 (€45)
  • the deluxe plus starter for $90 (€70)
  • the deluxe ultimate starter kit $160 (€120)


There are three standard tobacco flavors: Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Blue, Tobacco Gold. This seems to get a trend with the major quality brands. The Classic is recommended if you like Marlboro, Pal-Mal, Winston, or Lucky Strike. Tobacco Blue is for fans of Parliament, Kent, and L&M.

I also briefly sum the more exotic flavors: menthol, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, peach, peppermint and pina colada. By the way, South Beach has a package with 10 flavors available. (Tip: nice to give as a gift)

You have the choice of different levels of nicotine (24mg, 16mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg). There is no 18mg present, but instead a 16mg.


Their website is very nicely built. You navigate from the first moment flawlessly to anything you want. They are a good example of how a site should be.


South Beach Smoke also gives the classic "30 days money back" guarantee. There is even a lifetime warranty on the product itself. This also says something about the quality of their products.



Price/Quality3star Visit their website:

Visit Ever Smoke
Service and website5star
(3 starren)
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Brief History of e-cigarette

First electronic cigarette of Herbert Gilbert

Let's make a brief report of the history of the electronic cigarette.

1963: The first electric cigarette

The pre-historic version of modern e-cigarette is born. The American Herbert Gilbert takes a patent. The device could produce vapor by heating tobacco. Although various tobacco manufacturers showed much interest, the idea was never commercialized.

2000: A Chinese man gets a dream

Nearly 40 years after Gilbert, a Chinese man named Hon Lik, got a dream. In this dream he saw himself almost drowning in the sea. That sea began to evaporate.

As a smoker Hon Lik saw his own father die of cancer caused by smoking. After the dream, Hon Lik began work on a device that would produce vapor.

2004: The first modern electronic cigarette

Hon Lik finally finds a method to convert liquid nicotine into vapor. His firm, Golden Dragon Holding, takes early patent. Later in 2004, the electronic cigarette get released in China. Golden Dragon Holding is renamed and is now called Ruyan.

2005 - 2006: The electronic cigarette reached the West

In 2005, Ruyan begins to export its products to Europe. Exports to America start in 2006.

2007: Very slow progress

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) makes knowledge of the e-cigarette but doesn't take actions.

2008: The war starts

This year, more and more various brands release their own electric cigarette in Europe and America. But mostly important, much new technology gets invented.

The FDA now takes also action against the e-cigarette and classifies it as a medical device.

2009: Lawsuits

The FDA loses in court and the e-cigarettes are no longer drugs in America. In other countries, governments begin to classify it as medicine. In most of these countries a judge refuses this decisions.

2011: Scientists defend the e-cigarette

More and more scientists show that the electronic cigarette is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.

The e cigarette is becoming more and more popular and even the tobacco companies have to admit it is the future.

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Is nicotine overdose possible?


In the battle against the electronic cigarette we often hear that there is danger of overdose. Is this true? The answer is yes and no. As with everything, it is possible in the most extreme case to get overdose, even with lethal consequences. But like I said, this is with everything in life.

For example, there have even been cases where people died of drinking too much water. These people drunk in a short time 6 to 8 liters of water. Their salinity dropped too hard and the heart crashed.

To die from an overdose of nicotine you should include in your body (in a very short time) between 30mg and 60mg nicotine. Young children are naturally more sensitive. To them and the lethal dose varies between 10mg to 30mg, depending on their weight and age.

Most standard cartridges of e-cigarette contain between 0 to 18mg. The highest dose is 24mg. Even when we have instant consumed a whole cartridge with the highest dose, then we can still tell it to our children. In addition, all e-cigarettes of top brands are highly secured against an instant use. They have a system that only allow a limited amount of nicotine to get released. Besides, the atomizers are not capable to evaporate such quantities in a short period of time. The total intake of all the nicotine in a full cartridge is therefore unthinkable.

Always choose for a cartridge of a high-quality brand

In addition, there exist also tankomizers with a double capacity. In theory, they contain a dose of nicotine that can be lethal. Despite that very minor chance, everyone has the freeom to choose for a tankomizer or a normal cartridge. I do not like the boost of my electronic cigarette. I prefer to have a standard and safe e-cigarette from a top brand like Green Smoke, V2 or Eversmoke.

But a cartridge can also leak due to careless use? Yes, in that case, we think especially when you refill your cartridges. If you hereby damages the device, it may leak. Compare it with refilling the cartridges of your deskjet printer. If you've done this several times, it will become a flawless procedure, but to a beginner it is not advisable.

But still, even if the cartridge leak, then you quickly notice it and definitely taste it. Then throw the cartridge away immediately.

Another and more real danger is when young children bite a cartridge open and nibble or drink it. The same can happen when they drink from bottle (used to refill) of e-liquid. To avoid this, parents should keep away small children at all times. Like they have to do for pharmaceutical and chemical hazardous substances. Always hide it on safe places.

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Proven: Ex-smokers gain weight

Fat man

A recent study shows that people who quit traditional stopping (tobacco) does indeed thicken and there is little they can do about it. The first year after stopping, the ex-smokers gain in average 11 lbs (5 kg). After eight years, this would be up to 20 lbs (9 kg).

The average weight gain in eight years for non-smokers is 4.5 lbs (2 kg). The reason can be explained as ex-smokers still have the habit to cram something in the mouth. And usually they eat candy or other treats.

Medicines to help stopping such as nicotine replacement patches and anti-depressants have only a temporary beneficial effect because after using these drugs, ex-smokers get the weights back.

The only thing that really helps is a good information about weight and nutrition. If this is also coupled with adequate exercises and sports there is almost no weight gain.

Electronic cigarette, e-cigar, e-pipe

Another solution is to switch to the electronic cigarette and then slowly lower the nicotine levels, so our body can slowly get used to it. Once you smoke without nicotine, you can also work on the reduction of the customs and habits.

We would like to emphasize that despite the extra weight gain, it is much healthier to quit smoking. Continuing smoking tobacco is many times worse for your health and longevity. It's also bad for your cholesterol.

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