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Traditional cigarettes with cocoa

Cocoa beans

The tobacco industry is always looking for new ways to make smoking more popular. Despite the fact that they secretly have increased the nicotine levels by 10% between 1998 and 2004, still more and more smokers switch to the electronic cigarette.

"If you can't win, join them". The tobacco companies now show up with cigarettes with more exotic flavors. For years, such flavors already exist with e-cigarettes.

Honey, cocoa and plums

According to the magazine "Food and Chemical Toxicology" add some cigarette brands prune juice, cocoa or honey to tobacco cigarettes to seduce teenagers. Sweets are in fact popular. Look eg. to the popular drinks such as Bacardi Breezer.

This addition have also side effects. The smoker can inhale now deeper and the smoke is less intrusive. But it's not listed on the cigarette boxes that the 'burnt' sugar makes the smoke even more toxic.

E-cigarette sector is concerned

The manufacturers of e-cigarettes are concerned that harmful sweet tobacco cigarettes will give a bad image to the many flavors they also offer. And this is very "unfair" as in electric cig the sugars are not burned, but only warmed up.

Also more and more concerned parents ask the government to ban the new exotic tobacco flavors.

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Ten advertisements are enough for youth to start smoking

Marlboro commercial

More than 40% of teenagers that looked 10 tobacco advertisements will try smoking. The risk that these teenagers smoke daily increases by almost 30%. We can read these results in a German study. On the long-term study participated 1300 nonsmoking teens.

The study started in 2008 and it probed how often they had seen advertisements of the most popular products in Germany such as clothes, mobile phones, cars, chocolate and cigarettes. About cigarettes, they asked more precisely if the commercials were seen of the six most popular cigarette brands.

In the coming years, they questioned again these questions. Then it was also asked about the amount of cigarettes that they had been smoking and the frequency that they smoked.

In general, most youngsters could remember cigarette commercials less than that of other products. Still a popular brand scored extremely well by more than half. About 13 percent claimed to have seen the same commercial at least 10 times.

Influence of advertising and youth

The greatest influence was social pressure from friends and acquaintances. Second was the influence of the tobacco advertisements. Those who had seen between 10 and 50 times a commercial were almost 50% more likely to become a chain smoker compared to teenagers who saw less than three.

For every 10 extra times, there was 30 percent more chance to become a daily smoker. Besides, a third of such daily smokers were younger than 15. The answered to smoke at least 100 cigarettes in a year.

To help the youth, we present now another commercial, but we wonder if this one will have effect. I hope it does..

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Student must smoke 42 cigs in 2 hours

Kwade lerares

"Practice makes perfect". This must have the Malaysian English teacher thought. She has forced one of her students to smoke 42 cigs within 2 hours. The teacher found this an "appropriate" punishment because his breath was smelling and a lighter and cigarettes were found in his locker.

The 16-year-old boy was smoking four cigarettes simultaneously during 2 hours. Other students and teachers witnessed the punishment.

The boy told his story anonymously because he was not allowed to speak to the media by the management of the school. The victim told further that the teacher got crazy after she discovered that her "darling" had hidden tobacco in his closet.

The school has apologized to the uncle of the boy. He went to the police after he had heard the story of his nephew. The uncle was shocked and demanded the resignation of the teacher.

Our advise: smoke electric next time!

We suggest the poor boy to smoke electronically in the future. Then his breath and clothes will not stink to smoke. Nobody will discover that you have smoked.

And besides, e-smoking four e-cigarettes simultaneously seems impracticable. You must have four devices at hand.

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Vapor Jacket: Customize like crazy

Vapor Jacket

Vapor Jackets are durable plastic films or foils that you can use to personalize your e cigarette. They exits in hundreds of different colors and patterns. All colors make are playful and cool.

The films are available in collections, and each collection contains 7 different designs. A collection costs about $10. The many different options gives you the opportunity to combine your electronic cigarette with eg. your clothes, handbag, shoes or car. The possible combinations are endless.

The Vapor Jacket makes your ecig truly unique. The ink on the film does not dissolve in water, so you shouldn't be afraid of raindrops. The film in fact also protects your e-cigarette.


User guide: How to do?

First, you cut the Vapor Jacket film to the correct length, then you wrap it around the e-cigarette. In order to secure the film, you heat it with a lighter or possibly a hairdryer. By heating, the film will shrink and tighten around the electronic cigarette.

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Horror Pictures on packets have little impact on existing smokers

Horror pictures on cigarettes

We have seen them, pictures on cigarette packs with diseased lungs, rotten teeth and/or heart surgery. These pictures have to scare off smokers but miss their effect.

Remarkably, before the introduction of the horror pictures many smokers declared to think twice before lighting up another cigarette. But in reality very few smokers quit.

Especially young people care little about the pictures on the packets. This conclusion is made in a British study. The research was done at the University of Stirling and nearly 3,000 young people participated. Only one tenth of the participants were smokers.

The photos therefore miss their effect, but according to the researchers they are not completely useless. Non-smokers or young people who want to experiment would be deterred by the pictures. According the numbers, the influx of new smokers is slightly less since publication.

A major reason why the pictures is not deterred is habituation. According to Dr. Crawford Moodie, head of the study, should the impact be increased when the warnings regularly get updated.

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Tobacco makes women more depressed

Depressed woman

Are you a woman and are looking for another reason to quit smoking? Do you need another reason to switch over to electronic smoking? Then I have something for you. Research shows that women who smoke have a much greater chance to become depressed than women who never smoke tobacco.

Sorry ladies, but even a few traditional cigarettes increase the chance. Of course it is minimal and it does not apply to all women amongst us. The chain smokers have more bad luck. They have twice as much the chance to get a depression.

These facts come from a study conducted by the University of Melbourne. Over 1,000 women were followed for more than 10 years. Smoking can really cause depressions or make mild depressions worse. And then, shopping won't help anymore. Even a pair of Louboutins or a Chanel dress. Or maybe just :)

Female electronic smokers are happier

The ladies that smoke electronic were not more likely to get a depression. Researchers explain this partly because they do not consume the harmful substances in burned tobacco, but also a mental aspect plays an important role.

Women who successfully quit smoking or switch to electronic smoking have a better and certainly self-image. They are more proud of themselves. Moreover, they often get compliments and good comments in response to the use of the healthier e-cigarette.

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