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The appearance is a good reason to stop or to switch

Skin and body of a smoker

Preventing wrinkles and yellow teeth are very important reasons to stop smoking tobacco. Also yellow fingers and gray or bald hair do smokers realize they should quit smoking.

A British study were 2,000 smokers questioned. Both male and female smokers were worried to age faster. As many as 40% of women admitted they want to stop to avoid premature aging of the skin.

Men here are even more afraid, about 55 percent said this is the biggest motivation to stop or switch to electronic smoking.

Sex and Fertility

In the same survey said 25% of men is going to quit smoking when they have erection problems. Nicotine restricts the blood flow in the body and this declares that smokers often have measurable performance in bed.

For women, fertility also plays a role in stopping. Several studies in the past have shown that after stopping fertility increases significantly because the uterus and quality of the sperm become into a better state. Quit smoking is also beneficial for a IVF treatment and reduces the risk of miscarriage.

Electronic smoking is a solution

Because the electronic cigarette is new, the long-term effects are still not really demonstrated. However, all studies indicate that the product performs very well and is much healthier then regular smoking.

The electronic cigarette still contain nicotine. But when you consume this in a low dose, the risks are limited. There are e cigarettes with a very low dose of nicotine. There are even e-cigs without nicotine.

Smoking tobacco is a combination of consuming nicotine and many harmful burned substances. In other words, the effects are amplified.

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Smoking as short-term medication against depression

Smoking helps

After a trauma, people with depression get short-term benefits from smoking. This writes M. L. Meewisse, health psychologist at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, in her recent report. She relies on the examination of the impact of the large firework explosion in Enschede (Netherlands).

In this study, she looked at the levels of the "cortisol" in the saliva of nearly 100 people who lived in the affected area of the disaster.

Be aware! Smoking helps against a depression on short-term, but on long-term it's even damaging the mental stability of the smoker. For long-term, it's better to switch to electronic smoking. Other studies have shown that e-smokers are less sensitive to depressions. They become happier and get a better self-image. Also the positive reactions in the environment of e-smokers are helping.

Smoking calms down

If you smoke, the body makes more cortisol. That is calming, especially to people with having a depression. Between two cigarettes, the cortisol level decreases. After smoking a cigarette, this cortisol level rises back again.

Meewisse further explains: "All these changes could lead to psychological instability and higher cigarette consumption".

Smokers are more sensitive

According to the psychologist smokers are generally more susceptible to depression and other symptoms of a psychological nature. It is advisable to treat simultaneously the depression and cigarette addiction of a patient. In this way, we can brake the vicious circle.

Immediately after the fireworks disaster in Enschede, about half of the residents had psychological symptoms. Four years later it was 30%. Even 10 years later still 10% of the people has complaints.

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Absurd: Suriname puts smokers in jail!


In Paramaribo, the Surinamese parliament has approved a law that bans smoking tobacco in public. Smoking is only allowed at home.

"Smokers who do not resign with the decision go to jail" said minister M. Blokland. With this law, Suriname hopes to become smokeless over time.

The Minister also announced an large rehabilitation program. At least half of the Surinamese population are fanatic smokers. Tobacco in this country has a much greater impact than in other countries. The electronic cigarette is almost unprecedented and the population is generally low educated. The Minister thinks this new law is needed. Anyone who does not want to obey, should go to prison...

Doubts about this heavy approach

Punishing smokers is an approach that had so far only bad results. Beside, the smokers have given themselves already the biggest punishment, namely the death penalty.

We doubt whether sending smokers to prison is a good solution. They better should try to raise the awareness of the people who still believe tobacco is healthy.

A more positive or rewarding campaign will give better results. They could eg. give electronic cigarettes for free to all the people who wants to make the switch. Everyone knows that the e-cigarette is the best long term guarantee.

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Bulgarians smuggle cigarettes in coffins


The Bulgarian Customs has dismantled a smuggling circuit of illegal cigarettes for the European market. The Bulgarian smuggling gang was particularly inventive as they used coffins to hide the cigarettes. The value of the duties of the seized goods is estimated at 3 million euro.

Vanio Tanov, head of customs, explains proudly: "The gang also used fake ambulances and vehicles of undertakers to transport the coffins". The cigarettes were produced in Dubai and entered Bulgaria through Greece. Then the cigarettes where transported from Bulgaria to Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

According to the customs are 20 to 30 percent of the cigarettes sold in Bulgaria coming from the illegal market. Bulgaria has 7.4 million inhabitants, nearly 44 percent is smoking according to the Ministry of Health. This is after Greece the second highest rate in Europe.

Recently, more than 170 countries approved an agreement on an international protocol to combat tobacco smuggling. Smuggling represents 10 to 12 percent of the market, and no less than 45 to 50 billion unrecovered dollars.

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Smoking women are not attractive

Broken cigarette

Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or Kate Moss have no problem to come in the picture with cigarette in hand. But the time that it was found sexy and cool is over.

According to a British survey, in which 15,000 men took part, most men find "smoking women" less attractive than women who do not smoke.

More than 60 percent of surveyed men find a smoking woman anything but sexy. Only for 25% of them, a tobacco cigarette have no negative impact. It is striking that women hardly find smoking man unattractive. Even 35% of women find a man with a cigarette in the mouth extra tough and sexy. They all have the pictures of Humphrey Bogart in their minds :)

The survey showed further that the older men get, the less likely they grab for cigarettes, where this is reversed in women.

The electronic cigarette does score well

Surprise! To man, a woman smoking an e-cigarette was still found attractive. This could be explained that men extra charmed when a woman (with a view to her pregnancy) has attention to her body and health. In addition, an electric cigarette is relatively unknown and the men find this mysterious and sexy.

Ladies, you know what to do. Order your Vapor Couture or other e-cigarette today. The men will lie at your feet.

I also want to add that a man who takes care of his health is very sexy to me. So all men who are still 'single' and smoke should switch to the e-cigarette as well.

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People smoke less at home since smoking ban

Smoking in bed

The ban on smoking in public (restaurants, cafe or at work) causes that people smoke less. About 7% of smokers even stopped because of this prohibition. That explanation is not far to seek.

Fewer opportunities to smoke

The smoker has less time, opportunities and chances to smoke. This reduces the smoker's habit to light always a cigarette. And that habit is also reduced at home. More and more people notice the benefits of sitting in a smoke-free environment or room. Clothes don't stink after visiting a pub. Because of this reason, they also decide to smoke less at home or smoke outdoors.

Despite the declined number of smokers, the influx of new smokers remains relatively high. The total number of smokers remains almost the same. However, the total daily consumption dropped serious after the smoking ban.

Because the smoker has fewer opportunities to smoke, he tries to obtain maximum pleasure by deeper nicotine inhalation. Also people now smoke their cigarettes until the last pull, while previously cigarettes were discarded already after a few pulls.

Electric smoking is booming

It is better that we would switch to nicotine replacement products such as the e-cigarette. They are not only healthier, in most countries, you are allowed to smoke them in public. so you spread the intake of nicotine can do it more. E-cigs are also available in low doses of nicotine, even nicotine free.

Mainly people over 30 are e-smoking. At that age, more and more people begin to think about their health, as well as for their families. Also thirties get tired of their addiction look more to the financial aspect. If you've just bought a house with a loan to repay every dollar counts.

A final reason why the thirties more switch to electronic smoking is that it stinks less. They like more to spent the whole evening at home and odorless smoke becomes important, especially if they have also children. Moreover, they should not be afraid that the children play with the lighter or burning themselves on the ashes of the cigarette.

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