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Russia conducts smoking ban

Russian smoking woman

The Russian parliament, the Duma, has adopted the smoking ban in public places. The ban takes effect on 1 June and bans on smoking places such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, sports stadiums, railway stations, public buildings, etc. There are some to get permits for an exception to the ban for 1 year, but after that it finally ended.

The law was approved in the upper house of the Russian Federation Council of Federal Assembly after earlier even though the lower house approved the law. good. Now we are waiting to President Vladimir Putin signed the law.

The law also prohibits smoking in movies or theater also, unless the "artistic indispensable '. Also tobacco advertising are now prohibited.

In violation individuals may receive fined 5,000 rubles (about 125 euros). Firms risk a fine of up to 150,000 rubles (about 3,750 euros).

Every year about 400,000 Russians die from the effects of tobacco smoking. It is hoped that this number now 50 percent to lower. According to the Ministry of Health smokes at one third of the Russian population.

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Absurd: Fired after smoking outdoors

Fired employee

In the Dutch town Twente, two women and one man, employees of Aveleijn (an institution for the mentally handicapped people) were fired after they were repeatedly caught smoking tobacco.

According to the staff they smoked even outdoors, but within the walls of the institution and in the field of view of patients and residents. Mister Praet, chairman of the board of directors, had no mercy. According to him the employees have to be an example to everyone.


"Because the three employees were still in their probationary period, there is little to do to help them": responded the spokesman of the unions.

Ms. Tiny Tulner is angry about the measure: "Apparently Aveleijn has the luxury to fire people while in general it's really difficult to find employee for public health care."

The employees discuss whether or not they will perform actions against the management. Rumors says the chairman himself have also bad reputation. He should be involved in illegal transactions.

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Four types of smokers

Smoking woman

Most smokers (72 percent) do want to quit smoking, but they don't try or succeed. Most smokers need in average five attempts to stop. A failed-stop attempt lasts only eight days. Forty percent of them can't even stop more then 5 days.

GlaxoSmithKline is a pharma giant who also sell nicotine patches and replacements. They did many research about the different profiles of smokers of tobacco. They finally divide all smokers into four groups:

  • The satisfied smoker

    This smoker is not interested in quitting smoking. He is aware that smoking is bad or even harmful to his health, but smoking is simply a part of his life and personality. He feels fine with smoking and it even gives him an added value in life.

    This smoker will absolutely not stop. Even if his environment asks to stop. The satisfied smoker remain skeptical. Only switching to electric smoking is possible when he knows all the benefits and get convinced.

  • The committed stopper

    This smoker is determined to quit smoking. He thereby has specific goals in mind. He is getting information how to do it. In some cases, he is looking for tools and/or professional help.

    he committed stopper knows that he best slowly reduce his nicotine addiction. The electronic cigarette is often used by him because he deliberately wants to live healthier. And of course, he gets the highest success rates.

  • The interested stopper

    This is a smoker who wants to quit smoking, but don't really try. It's very difficult to start for him an attempt, especially during stressful situations, such as driving daily in traffic jams, deadlines at work, etc... The interested smoker is afraid/aware that he will give up on very pleasant moments in the pub, after a dinner or after sex. He is very aware of the difficulties, but still believe it's possible.

    This smoker will only be able to stop when he has tools available and when its environment motivates him enough. Professional help is required. It's obvious that the interested stopper need to use e-cigs or nicotine replacements as well.

  • The confused smoker

    This smoker still doubt very much between smoking and quitting. He knows for sure he will fail. He will also postpone his stop attempts forever. It is also uncertain whether this smoker dares to switch to electric smoking.

I am a sucessfull committed stopper. I failed in the first 3 stop attempts and then I discovered the e-cig of Green Smoke. Since I made the switch, I never smoked anymore. To which group do you belong? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Shisha pens are very popular amongst teenagers

Shisha pen

Recently, it appears that fake cigarettes, also called Shisha pens, to be very popular amongst the youth. In this case, we mean by youth even primary school students sometimes even younger than ten years.

It goes without saying that because of this very young age many parents are worried and we also ask ourselves whether it is morally justify to allow this.

Brightly colored cigarettes

The Shisha pen contains no nicotine and harmful substances, but does produce a flavored vapor. The are usually disposable and contain sweet or fruity flavors such as strawberry, apple, peach, blueberry, cherry, watermelon, raspberry, grape and cola. The shishapen tastes exactly like a hookah without tobacco, nicotine or tar.

So there is a huge resemblance to the electronic cigarette because they are also safe for the health. It's a rather new product and as e-smokers, we would like to welcome it, but because of the very young age of some its users, we don't.

The bright colored 'fake' cigarettes are very popular with the children from eg. Amsterdam and Paris. Most suppliers seem even to be sold out. An vendor explains: "I see everywhere kids walking with it on the street. They learn to inhale, it is the first step to the cigarette".

A mother from Arnhem in Holland confirms: "At the school a 10-year old girl told me she was proud that she could smoke all over her lungs."

Fear of damage to reputation

Just because of the very young age, we fear for damage of the reputation and/or image of electronic smoking in general. The politicians will love to abuse this argument to prohibit as well our e-cigarette. Also, you can't just compare both devices. The quality of the shisha-pens is much lower and deliver much less performance. Yes, they are both electronic, but here stops the equation.

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Smartphones teach youth smoking

Smoking app

The "iSmoke Free" app let you smoke a virtual cigarette on the screen of your smartphone. This can smoked by taking puffs. When you inhale deeply near the microphone of the smartphone, then the cigarette glows and becomes shorter.

The "iSmoke" app is also not unique. There are more than 100 similar different programs and little apps. These apps are popular nowadays and make smoking cool hip and back. You also have games such as "Puff Puff Pass smoking" where you score points by pulling as much as possible on the virtual cigarette.

The apps not only reduce the threshold, they also teach users how to smoke. The better the visual quality, the greater the effect on the user.

The Cancer Foundation is shocked. According to them, the apps are illegal as they are in fact advertising cigarettes. Consequently, the government should prohibit them as soon as possible.

The government should take action

According to the tobacco inspection at the Federal Public Health, there is not much to do: "If someone promotes smoking in general, we can't do anyhing that falls under the right to freedom of speech". Moreover, it is practically difficult to find out who has made the apps. Also the creators are often foreigners.

Many anti-tobacco organizations disagree. According to them, the government should not track the companies behind the apps, but force the app stores to ban them.

Apple vs. Android

With android censorship is in practice very difficult because the apps are not checked when they are published. The spokesman of Google, the company behind Android, also refers to the terms and conditions governing the app developers must comply. It contains clauses about hate, violent and sexual content. There are no clauses on cigarettes or addictive products, so the company can not and will not do anything.

With Apple, censorship is easier because this company must approve every app before it can be launched. The Apple spokesman did not comment yet why Apple approves all the 'smoke' apps.

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Ten percent more nicotine in regular cigarettes


The last decade is the nicotine strength increased by 10% in the cigarette. This is written in the medical magazine "The Doctor" in response to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Health. A higher nicotine level also means a higher risk of addiction and more difficulty to quit smoking.

According to an American study, the increase of the nicotine with all brands. The three most popular brands (Marlboro, Newport and Camel) have putted the last 6 year significantly more nicotine in their tobacco.

There is surprisingly little difference in the nicotine of cigarettes 'full flavor', 'medium', 'light' or 'ultra-light'. These tobacco cigarettes are therefore more a marketing ploy.

Checks are easy bypassed

"To check the exact nicotine level of a cigarette is indeed not easy since all tobacco brands manage to bypass the test": says Mr. Paul Van Den Meerssche from the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment.

The tobacco company manage this by including the air passages in the filter through which diluted air is measured diluted. When people pull, the air passages will not work as they are then compressed by the fingers and lips of the smoker.

The maximum level of nicotine in cigarettes in Europe is 1 milligram per cigarette. You should know that this more nicotine you inhale from burning tobacco cigarettes, than from electronic cigarettes.

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