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New European Directive on tobacco: no ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes

According to statistics, 700,000 Europeans die annual due to smoking of tobacco. The tobacco directive mainly aims to keep off the youth of the cigarette. The previous tobacco directive existed already over 11 years. According to the politicians it was time for a new directive and today they voted in the European Parliament by a large majority.

Euro-comissar for Health, Tonio Borg, hopes with the new directive that the number of smokers decrease by 2 percent in the next 5 years.

We go over the main points of the new directives:

  • Health warnings must capture at least 65% of the packets. This is about twice as much than the current situation. The European comission had indeed proposed 75%, but this was rejected.

  • Adding flavors such as vanilla or chocolate is prohibited. These flavors make the cigarette especially attractive to youth. Menthol temporarily escaped the ban because they can not be prohibited within 8 years. The original bill suggested a period of three years.

  • The cigarette brand can only be printed the bottom of the pack.

  • Packets should contain at least 20 cigarettes or more.

The electronic cigarette is victorious

More important for us are of course the new rules about the e-cigarette. The proposal of the European Commission threatened a ban on sale, however this was rejected. But there will be a ban on the sale to minors.

The proponents of the European Parliament agreed that ecig is a healthier alternative for smoking. The opponents of the e cigarette finally had to admit that there exist no evidence that it is a stepping stone to the ordinary tobacco cigarette. All health studies also argue in favor of the electronic cigarette.

So the hemisphere of the European Parliament treats the e-cigs provisionally as a tobacco product, so they will stay available without prescription of a doctor. There is one exception, when the manufacturer wants to sell electric cigarettes as a healing product.

Under the new directive, an e-cigarette may contain maximum 30mg/ml nicotine. The manufacturers also need to show a list of all ingredients to the national authorities.

The voting of this new directive does not mean that the law already applies tomorrow. Negotiations with all Member States are needed now. After that, all European countries need to vote their own laws.

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Madonna: "Stop smoking or I'm gone"

Smoking Madonna

Madonna is relentless when it comes to smoking tobacco. A while back she was in Santiago (Chile) and threatened to cancel her concert as smoking fans would not matter to extinguish their cigarettes.

During the sound check (in open air) some fans were smoking. Initially the diva responded still quiet by saying: "There are people who are currently smoking." When this yielded little result Madonna shouted: "No smoking". Unfortunately this attempt delivered again any results. The Queen of Pop then shuffled hard: "If you continue to smoke cigarettes, I blow off my show."

Madonna became more and more angry: "You obviously do not care about me. Then I don't care about you too. I'm not crazy but I can't sing when you keep smoking. Understood!".

Almost all smoking fans were shocked and extinguished their cigarettes.

Electronic smoking does not cause a nuisance

The spokesman of Madonna said after the show that the smoke can indeed provide voice problems. He asked all fans to stop analog smoking in public. According to him, electronic smoking is a good alternative. He added that e-smoking not only produces no disruption to your environment but also is healthier for the smoker himself.

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Economic crisis increases the search for cheaper cigarettes


Since the outbreak of the crisis, more and more smokers seek alternatives to the very expensive tobacco cigarettes. Several retailers and wholesalers report that smokers are cutting down their expenses. The abroad internet shops do good business.

A large group prefer to smoke self-rolling cigarettes. The sale of rolling tobacco has been increased enormous.

Also, the sale of the so-called top sleeves increased greatly. These are devices that helps to make cigarettes easier at home.

Also, the smokers are looking for big tobacco packages. For this they even travel to foreign countries. Especially Eastern Europe is popular.

The sale of the electronic cigarette is on the rise.

The cheapest alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette is by far the e-cigarette. On average, the cost is between 50% and 75% cheaper than traditional smoking. It speaks for itself that the consumer switch to this great product in times of an economic crisis.

Quality keeps important

Despite the crisis, the e-smoker still opt for quality and we see that the sales of Chinese imports are barely rising. Safety, comfort and taste play an important role. Especially the U.S. manufacturers are doing good business. And who can argue with the customers in their choices?

Personally, I can advice brands like Green Smoke, V2 Cigs or Ever Smoke.

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Funny Videos, Part 4: Why are dirty habits so cool?

What if we pick our nose like we smoke... Yes, it looks dirty , but nowadays for many people smoking tobacco is as dirty or undesirable as nose picking because of the smelling smoke.

Still, I'm getting more and more concerned about the very low tolerance ability of today's society. Everything must be perfect, but everything is not perfect. The social pressure makes people crazy, everyone is full of stress and the least crack the bomb.

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Morning smoking is dangerous


Tobacco smokers, who smoke their first cigarette immediately after waking up, have a higher risk of cancer compared to smokers who wait 1 or 2 hours for their first cigarette. This can be read in the journal "Cancer".

The risk to get lung cancer is 80% higher for the so-called morning smokers who could not resist their addiction in the first half hour. The risk for head and neck cancers seems to be 55% higher.

For smokers who start consuming between 30 and 60 minutes after waking up, the risk of lung cancer increases by 40% and head and neck cancers by 30%. The increased risk was independent of the number of cigarettes that was smoke daily.

I hope after reading this article the tobacco smokers do not get a bad morning mood. But there is also good news. Luckily, electronic smoking in the morning has not such side effects. So, here is another reason to order your e-cigarette today. Everyone knows how great it is to start your day with a smoke. Good morning.

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Sign and support the online petition: "Freedom of Choice for Smokers"


The association ECITA Ltd. and the EU Vaping Community have launched an online petition with the aim of legalizing the free sale of electronic cigarette in the European Union.

The petition emphasizes that no serious disadvantages to the electronic cigarette have been found during 7 years of research, as well as internationally scientists explain that the risks of e-cigarette are 99% lower than those of the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

This petition will be transferred later to the European Commission. They hope to convince them to accept the e-cigarette as "general consumption good" instead of a drug or tobacco product. It's also hoped that this petition will promote the electronic cigarette as a good alternative to tobacco.

Sign the petition and support the electric cigarette.

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