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Allen Carr has lung cancer

Anti-tobacco writer Allen Carr

Anti-tobacco crusader Allen Carr (73) is suffering from lung cancer. We know this Brit especially from his method ("Easy way to stop smoking") to quit smoking. He has sold millions of books worldwide. And many of them were able to quit smoking successfully (with or without professional help).

Carr smoked his last cigarette about 23 years ago. Previously, he was a chain smoker. He smoked daily more than 100 cigarettes, although it was in a short period of his life. His health was in a pretty bad condition and he had no other choice than to stop smoking.

According to his doctors, it is not yet clear whether the cancer is a result of his own smoking behavior or the result of years of passive smoking. His doctor declares that if Allen Carr never stopped before, he certainly died already 20 years ago.

Carr became the happiest man on earth since he stopped smoking. He wrote his personal experiences in a best-selling book.

His method consists of long therapy sessions in which the smoker gradually comes to realize that his physical and psychological well-being is in danger by the tobacco addiction.

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