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Funny Videos, Part 2: With a smoking habit in the sauna...

What if we urinate like a smoker smokes? Especially in the sauna, it would look uncomfortable? And this is a big understatement. Well, we say "smoke" or "smoker" but an electric smoker does not cause a nuisance to his surroundings.

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Also third-rate smoke is harmful to your health

Third-rate smoke in clothes

We all know that smoking of tobacco is unhealthy. We know that passive smoking is also a major risk. But now science warns us of the dangers of "third-rate" smoke.

These are the smoke particles that take place between the clothing fibers, on our skin and in the hair. So, we will find them on carpets, seats, curtains, upholstery and even on toys.

It is therefore recommended to brush or to wash as much as possible, when we have been in close contact of a smoker.

Toxic tobacco smoke

The tobacco particles can help the formation of carcinogens, TSNAs (tobacco specific nitrosamines). Researchers found in laboratory tests 'substantial' amounts of toxins in the material that was previously exposed to tobacco smoke. Smoke particles react with the widespread nitric acid, a substance which get released during combustion processes of cars.

The great danger is that these substances are highly vulnerable to children who often come in contact with 'contaminated' material.

E-cigarette is safe

So even if you are going to smoke outdoors, you must still realize that you are possible playing with the health of your children. There is always a chance that the tobacco smoke particles take place in your clothes.

Because the electronic cigarette has no harmful emissions, it is actually incomprehensible that our government does not oblige us all to e-smoke. Then at least the people in the area around us would be completely safe. The electronic cigarette evaporates liquid that only the smoker inhales. There takes no "pollution" place.

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4-year-old smoking child shocks the world

Four year old child smokes

In the American reality show "Toddlers and Tiaras" is the occurrence of a 4-year-old girl named Destiny, not gone unnoticed. This is an understatement because almost all viewers had shocked reactions. The toddler took on the stage a cigarette in the mouth.

The series reports on how things go backstage at beauty contests for children. At one point, the mother of child pushes her to take a cigarette in the mouth. In order for a good act, the child must have one hand on the hip and a cigarette in the mouth.

Both on the internet and in the media, people speak of a scandal. The mother defends that her daughter plays the type Sandy from the movie Grease. And to bring this type as realistic as possible, a cigarette in the mounth is required. Moreover, it was not a real cigarette.

It is not the first time the reality show creates a stir. There was already the 4-year-old Maddy walking around with fake boobs.

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'Smoking killed me' on gravestone

Rest in Peace

The last wish of Albert Whittamore, a 85-year-old British smoker, was to sensitize young people for danger of smoking tobacco. Albert asked his family to put sign "Smoking killed me' on his gravestone and hearse.

Mr. Whittamore who had a small printing store, was for many years in wheelchair because of it.

The signs had the look like the warnings on cigarette packets.

Undertaker Paul Sullivan explains: "Despite Mr. Whittamore has become 85, he suffered greatly from his lung disease caused by smoking. Albert especially wants that nobody should suffer... as he had to do".

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Children of divorced parents smoke more

Children of divorced children

Children of divorced parents are much more likely to start smoking than peers whose parents stay together.

This is written in a study publish in the magazine "Public Health". More than 20,000 Americans adults were examined.

The surveyed men whose parents were separated before their 18th year of life, were 50% more likely to start smoking. The women with divorced parents were 40 percent more likely to start smoking tobacco. Both men and women of divorced parents all started earlier with their addiction.

The researchers can not explain why a parental divorce is associated with smoking. One suspects that children and teenagers are upset by the divorce of their parents. Later, they use smoking as a coping mechanism to regulate their emotions and stress.

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You should especially "want" to quit

Quit smoking

Every year die many people due to smoking of tobacco. Even passive smoking is dangerous. It's estimated that annually about 600,000 people worldwide die due passive smoking. That is a lot more than the number of people dying in traffic.

Fortunately, many smoke want to quit smoking. More and more people seek professional help. This are usually smokers who have behind them a few failed attempts. Recently, this number has been increased seriously.

E-cigarettes offer the highest chance for success

Rommy Coomans, a recognized doctor and expert of tobacco products declares:

  • Technical aids such as nicotine patches offer more chance to get rid of your addiction. Especially, electronic cigarettes combined with professional assistance scores high. Smoking is not only a nicotine addiction, it's a ritual and a habit. With the e-cig, people can gradually stop.

  • External pressure helps only a little. It can even reduce the success rate. Who likes to stop, must especially "want" to it. If the smoker is not motivated to stop, he should not even try.

  • Annual smoking cessation days are important because it inspires people to try. And it's better to try than not to try.

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