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One in four smokes every day in Belgium and Holland

02-12-2014, by
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According to numbers from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, 24 percent of Belgians are smoking daily. This is below the European average which is 26 percent.

In Belgium, about 26 percent of the male population smoke daily and almost 22 percent of the women. Five percent of them call themselves "smokers".

Also remarkable is that twenty-two percent answered they stopped smoking. In other words, almost half of the Belgians claim to have smoked in their life. In the southern European countries, this number increases even to almost 75%.

Other European countries

Over 25% of the adults smoke daily in the Netherlands

Especially in Greece (35 percent), Bulgaria (32 percent) and Latvia (30 percent) is smoking more popular. The citizens of Italy, Spain and Portugal are also above the European average.

The fewest smokers can be found in Slovenia (17 percent), Sweden (18 percent) and Finland (19 percent). In short, the more "cold" areas.

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