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Is nicotine overdose possible?


In the battle against the electronic cigarette we often hear that there is danger of overdose. Is this true? The answer is yes and no. As with everything, it is possible in the most extreme case to get overdose, even with lethal consequences. But like I said, this is with everything in life.

For example, there have even been cases where people died of drinking too much water. These people drunk in a short time 6 to 8 liters of water. Their salinity dropped too hard and the heart crashed.

To die from an overdose of nicotine you should include in your body (in a very short time) between 30mg and 60mg nicotine. Young children are naturally more sensitive. To them and the lethal dose varies between 10mg to 30mg, depending on their weight and age.

Most standard cartridges of e-cigarette contain between 0 to 18mg. The highest dose is 24mg. Even when we have instant consumed a whole cartridge with the highest dose, then we can still tell it to our children. In addition, all e-cigarettes of top brands are highly secured against an instant use. They have a system that only allow a limited amount of nicotine to get released. Besides, the atomizers are not capable to evaporate such quantities in a short period of time. The total intake of all the nicotine in a full cartridge is therefore unthinkable.

Always choose for a cartridge of a high-quality brand

In addition, there exist also tankomizers with a double capacity. In theory, they contain a dose of nicotine that can be lethal. Despite that very minor chance, everyone has the freeom to choose for a tankomizer or a normal cartridge. I do not like the boost of my electronic cigarette. I prefer to have a standard and safe e-cigarette from a top brand like Green Smoke, V2 or Eversmoke.

But a cartridge can also leak due to careless use? Yes, in that case, we think especially when you refill your cartridges. If you hereby damages the device, it may leak. Compare it with refilling the cartridges of your deskjet printer. If you've done this several times, it will become a flawless procedure, but to a beginner it is not advisable.

But still, even if the cartridge leak, then you quickly notice it and definitely taste it. Then throw the cartridge away immediately.

Another and more real danger is when young children bite a cartridge open and nibble or drink it. The same can happen when they drink from bottle (used to refill) of e-liquid. To avoid this, parents should keep away small children at all times. Like they have to do for pharmaceutical and chemical hazardous substances. Always hide it on safe places.

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