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Madonna: "Stop smoking or I'm gone"

06-02-2014, by
Smoking Madonna

Madonna is relentless when it comes to smoking tobacco. A while back she was in Santiago (Chile) and threatened to cancel her concert as smoking fans would not matter to extinguish their cigarettes.

During the sound check (in open air) some fans were smoking. Initially the diva responded still quiet by saying: "There are people who are currently smoking." When this yielded little result Madonna shouted: "No smoking". Unfortunately this attempt delivered again any results. The Queen of Pop then shuffled hard: "If you continue to smoke cigarettes, I blow off my show."

Madonna became more and more angry: "You obviously do not care about me. Then I don't care about you too. I'm not crazy but I can't sing when you keep smoking. Understood!".

Almost all smoking fans were shocked and extinguished their cigarettes.

Electronic smoking does not cause a nuisance

The spokesman of Madonna said after the show that the smoke can indeed provide voice problems. He asked all fans to stop analog smoking in public. According to him, electronic smoking is a good alternative. He added that e-smoking not only produces no disruption to your environment but also is healthier for the smoker himself.

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