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Europe requires self-extinguishing cigarette

Stop smoking

Annual, there are about 30,000 fires caused by cigarettes left unattended. The European Union has decided to do something about it and therefore, only cigarettes can still sold that automatically extinguish when not pulled. The European Comission hopes to save approximately 500 lives annually.

European Commissioner John Dalli: "The safest of all is not to smoke, but if people still want to smoke cigarettes, we know that with the new standards there is much less risk of fire." The tobacco companies are obliged to produce such exclusively cigarettes to save more people.

The principle and operation of the self-extinguishing cigarette is simple: two rings of thicker paper reduce air and therefore oxygen supply to the tobacco. This allows for a shorter burn time and reducing the risk to catch fire quickly to furniture, clothing, bedding or other flammable materials.

In Finland, the use of self-extinguishing cigarettes reduced the number of fatalities from burning cigarettes by more than 40 percent. The Commission hopes for a similar result for the whole European Union, which would save up to 500 lives. Between 2003 and 2010, cigarettes caused annually more than 30,000 fires, and even more than 1,000 dead and 4,000 wounded people.

The Electronic cigarette is the only full safe cigarette

However, the extinguishing cigarette is not completely safe. There is still a risk for fire as they still burn tobacco. Electronic cigarettes don't burn tobacco as there is only evaporation of water and flavorings.

The European Union would thus better promote the e-cigarette as a much safer alternative. This would indeed have public health benefit. Furthermore, the immersion cigarette delivers absolutely no inconvenience for the environment.

We wonder why the government chooses a half solution ( self-extinguishing traditional tobacco cigarette ) when the completely safe solution ( e-cigarette) exists.

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The shisha pen need not be prohibited

Shisha pen

You hear them often in the media. The shisha pens, also called child cigarette or electronic hookah, made ​​a lot of parents worried. Recently we talked about them on this site.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has said that may be need to be forbidden but based on the RIVM, the shishapens are considered safe.

However, it is still not 100% sure what the long term effects are, but for now there is no indication of something harmful.

During the investigation it emerged that there is irritation in the throat and respiratory tract may occur, but this was very limited and of short duration. According to the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority), these minor irritations are not sufficient enough to take action against the smoking product.

So the NVWA reports that children cigarettes are not unsafe, but also does not recommend them as they give children the wrong signals. Everyone should ask themselves why they want to use this product. We share this view partly because everyone should be able to decide whether they want to or not. The government should not just ban everything.

Weak coffee in comparison with the electronic cigarette

As an e-smoker myself, I think it is good that a similar product like the shishapen is found 'safe', however, the product itself does not convince me. The average quality or the taste and throat-kick are substandard compared to my ecig. It's like drinking weak coffee.

The power is lacking somewhere. Perhaps this is due to the lack of nicotine, but a premium e-cigarette brand without nicotine even tastes a lot better and stronger. The price difference herein will also play a role presumably.

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600,000 deaths by passive smoking every year


Every year, more than 600,000 men, women and children die worldwide because they were exposed to cigarette smoke. These figures come from the World Health Organization. They made ​​a study in 192 countries.

Women (47% of deaths) constitute the largest group of victims of passive smoking, followed by children (28%) and men (26%).

Children pay the price

Children are much more vulnerable than adults in poor countries. Here are 2/3 of the deaths due to the combination of passive smoking and infectious diseases. Africa and South Asia are the most child-unfriendly areas. The World Health Organization warns the people in these countries.

However, caution is not enough according to local experts. There must be an alternative that is healthier, or that has no harmful emissions. If not, people will continue to smoke (certainly the men in the macho cultures). The electronic cigarette is the solution here, but for now the power of money is still stronger.

According to sources within the tobacco industry, they are especially searching in poor countries for potential new smokers. The local laws allow it, while in the West the number of smokers drop annually because of price and health reasons.

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Almost half of young people is smoking

Smoking Teenagers

Just over 30 percent of Belgians and Dutch smokes according a poll read this organized this week by the European Commission. This percentage is slightly higher than the European average (29 percent).

With an average of more than 15 cigarettes per day, the Belgians and Dutch also smoke more often than the average European (14 percent).

Particularly are the figures on tobacco use among young people between 15 and 24. About 45% of Belgian and 38% of Dutch youth is smoking regular. This is far above the European average of 35 percent.

It appears the Belgian and Dutch youth smokes more than in countries such as Bulgaria (42 percent), Greece (39 percent), Romania (37 percent) and Turkey (34 percent).

Only in Spain and Italy beats Belgium and Netherlands. In both countries, 48% of the stated 15 to 24-year olds smoke regularly. In the neighboring countries Germany and France about 28% respectively 32% of young people smokes.

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Higher taxes are too easy and even bad on


Increasing taxes on cigarettes and alcohol have become the standard solution for the governments during the budgetary checkups today. Cimabel, the Belgian-Luxembourg association of cigarette manufacturers, reacts ferociously on another budget measure.

It proves the lack of courage to take real action. Keeping to increase the excises are too easy.

Cimabel warns that citizens will seek for alternatives to obtain supplies. Many consumers do this already by buying their cigarettes in Eastern Europe. Others obtain their products in illegal circuits. A final group switches to the electronic cigarette.

Cimabel says: "In all cases, their are negative consequences on the long term for the treasury as you can not keep the citizen plume".

The electronic cigarette is cheaper and healthier

We also share this opinion and therefore call everyone to switch to the electric smoking. Make your purchase today on the internet and put this way your middle finger to the government. If you don't know what brand to order, we advise you to read some reviews on this site.

And also don't forget that not only your wallet will benefit from the ecig, also your body will be thankful as the vapor is much more healthier then smoke of tobacco.

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19 year old pyromaniac asks for smoking ban


After a 19-year-old Belgian boy fired a barn of a farm, and he was subsequently arrested by the police, he was released under certain conditions: he must quit smoking.

The court considered that there was a link between the "urge" to put stuff on fire and his smoking behavior.

The pyromaniac himself declares that he agrees with the verdict. And he wanted to stop smoking anyway. He explains to us: "Since I do not smoke and therefore have no lighter in my pocket, I feel no urge anymore to start a fire."

The young boy was fortunately one year imprisonment (suspended) because of the arson. If he is still allowed to e-smoke is not known, but we assuming it's not forbidden as no lighter is required for it.

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