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Horror Pictures on packets have little impact on existing smokers

03-13-2014, by
Horror pictures on cigarettes

We have seen them, pictures on cigarette packs with diseased lungs, rotten teeth and/or heart surgery. These pictures have to scare off smokers but miss their effect.

Remarkably, before the introduction of the horror pictures many smokers declared to think twice before lighting up another cigarette. But in reality very few smokers quit.

Especially young people care little about the pictures on the packets. This conclusion is made in a British study. The research was done at the University of Stirling and nearly 3,000 young people participated. Only one tenth of the participants were smokers.

The photos therefore miss their effect, but according to the researchers they are not completely useless. Non-smokers or young people who want to experiment would be deterred by the pictures. According the numbers, the influx of new smokers is slightly less since publication.

A major reason why the pictures is not deterred is habituation. According to Dr. Crawford Moodie, head of the study, should the impact be increased when the warnings regularly get updated.

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