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Brief History of e-cigarette

02-23-2014, by
First electronic cigarette of Herbert Gilbert

Let's make a brief report of the history of the electronic cigarette.

1963: The first electric cigarette

The pre-historic version of modern e-cigarette is born. The American Herbert Gilbert takes a patent. The device could produce vapor by heating tobacco. Although various tobacco manufacturers showed much interest, the idea was never commercialized.

2000: A Chinese man gets a dream

Nearly 40 years after Gilbert, a Chinese man named Hon Lik, got a dream. In this dream he saw himself almost drowning in the sea. That sea began to evaporate.

As a smoker Hon Lik saw his own father die of cancer caused by smoking. After the dream, Hon Lik began work on a device that would produce vapor.

2004: The first modern electronic cigarette

Hon Lik finally finds a method to convert liquid nicotine into vapor. His firm, Golden Dragon Holding, takes early patent. Later in 2004, the electronic cigarette get released in China. Golden Dragon Holding is renamed and is now called Ruyan.

2005 - 2006: The electronic cigarette reached the West

In 2005, Ruyan begins to export its products to Europe. Exports to America start in 2006.

2007: Very slow progress

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) makes knowledge of the e-cigarette but doesn't take actions.

2008: The war starts

This year, more and more various brands release their own electric cigarette in Europe and America. But mostly important, much new technology gets invented.

The FDA now takes also action against the e-cigarette and classifies it as a medical device.

2009: Lawsuits

The FDA loses in court and the e-cigarettes are no longer drugs in America. In other countries, governments begin to classify it as medicine. In most of these countries a judge refuses this decisions.

2011: Scientists defend the e-cigarette

More and more scientists show that the electronic cigarette is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.

The e cigarette is becoming more and more popular and even the tobacco companies have to admit it is the future.

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