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Higher taxes are too easy and even bad on

06-12-2014, by

Increasing taxes on cigarettes and alcohol have become the standard solution for the governments during the budgetary checkups today. Cimabel, the Belgian-Luxembourg association of cigarette manufacturers, reacts ferociously on another budget measure.

It proves the lack of courage to take real action. Keeping to increase the excises are too easy.

Cimabel warns that citizens will seek for alternatives to obtain supplies. Many consumers do this already by buying their cigarettes in Eastern Europe. Others obtain their products in illegal circuits. A final group switches to the electronic cigarette.

Cimabel says: "In all cases, their are negative consequences on the long term for the treasury as you can not keep the citizen plume".

The electronic cigarette is cheaper and healthier

We also share this opinion and therefore call everyone to switch to the electric smoking. Make your purchase today on the internet and put this way your middle finger to the government. If you don't know what brand to order, we advise you to read some reviews on this site.

And also don't forget that not only your wallet will benefit from the ecig, also your body will be thankful as the vapor is much more healthier then smoke of tobacco.

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