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Happier after switching to e-cigarette

10-17-2013, by
Happier without tobacco

A study done by the University of Wisconsin, showed that people who completely stopped smoking tobacco became happier in the following years. They felt better and were less stressed compared to people who continued to smoke.

Over a period of 3 years, 1500 smokers were followed. The aim was to evaluate the long-term mental health of everyone. Most studies so far had only focused on the physical health effects of quitting smoking.

Smokers and ex-smokers were surveyed about the quality of their lives, their stress, their fears and their sense of happiness. The participants that fully stopped for 3 years had much less stress. They were generally more active and sporty. However, a few months after quitting, most ex-smokers were not really happier. A lot of the ex-smokers were even in a depression. But after a period of one year, it began to tilt seriously and from that point the ex-smokers started all to feel better.

The same beneficial effects when switching to e-smoking

Remarkably, the smokers who had switched to the electric cigarette had the same positive reactions. And even better. Scientists have no real explanation for it. It was expected that the nicotine of e-cigarettes would also have a negative impact.

They thought that the nicotine makes the smoker more stressed and more addicted, but this wasn't the case. The researchers think now that the toxins that get released when tobacco is burned by regular smoking, are causing hormones being disrupted in the brains.

These harmful substances are not present in the electronic cigarette since no combustion of organic material (tobacco) occurs. The researchers found that the average electronic smoker feels much happier because he is aware of his healthier behavior. Also the body react physically well on the ecig which helps our mind to feel also better.

A final possible argument is the fact that e-smokers can keep their habits and rituals anytime and on any place. There is now need to run outside to take a break for a cigarette as their is no harmful emission. This way, the e-smoker doesn't get a feeling of doing something wronger. Having to leave a group of friends to have a cigarette really feels emotional like a penalty.

Most users of e-cigarettes declared that their environment reacted very positive. The e-smokers often received many compliments from people on the street or at work.

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