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2-piece design - Electronic cigarette with 2 components (battery and cartomizer).

3-piece design - Electronic cigarette of 3 components (battery, atomizer and cartridge).

510 - type of electronic cigarette, very popular, mainly 3-component design, small, mainly manually.


Adapter - A spacer. Needed to connect an atomizer to a different type of battery.

Analog cigarette / analog smoking / A smoking - The names given by e-smokers to indicate smoking a normal, traditional, regular tobacco cigarette.

Atomizer / Atty - It is a heating element which is screwed on the battery and heats up the liquid to vapor.

Automatic cigarette / Automatic battery - A cigarette that automatically activates itself when you suck on the mouthpiece. You don't need to switch this kind of e-cigarette on on or off.


Battery / Batt - The power source. Usually Lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. There are several charging options.

Blanks - This term refers to empty cartridge that can be optionally filled with nicotine.

Bridge - The bridge is a metal U-shaped component of the atomizer which comes into contact with the liquid. The liquid flows through this bridge to the heating element.


Cartomizer / Cart - A component consisting of an atomizer and cartridge in one piece.

Cartridge - This is the tubular element containing the liquid.

Clearomizer - A transparent cartomizer. You can see how much liquid is still inside.

Charger - Recharger/loader for the battery. There are wall chargers, chargers for the car and USB chargers.

Container - a small tank in which the liquid is stored.

Cutoff - The duration before the battery turn off the atomizer.


Dip / Dipping - When dipping the bridge of the atomizer goes directly into the e-liquid.

Disposable - E-cigarette with a short life-time. Usually a period of half a day. After that, you throw it away.

Drip Tip - A mouthpiece.

Dry Smoking - You smoke the atomizer dry by removing the cartridge. Afterwards, you can try a different flavor and the taste is more pure.

Drip / Dripping - This is putting e-liquid direct on the atomizer. Be careful!!

Dual Coil - The cartomizer has a double filament so you can smoke at a lower resistance.


ecig / e-cig / e-cigarette - Short form for electronic cigarette.

e-cigar / electronic cigars - an cigar like an e-cigarette.

eGo / eGo-C / eGo-T - A popular battery.

e-liquid / e-juice / juice - the liquid in the cartridge.

e-pipe / electronic pipe - a pure like an e-cigarette.


FDA - Food and Drug Administration. American service responsible for the safety of food and drugs.

Filler - The filler of cotton or wool in the cartridge can keep the e-liquid fixed.

Flavor - English term for taste.

Flooding - There is too much e-liquid into the atomizer.


Gooseneck - A flexible extension (for 510) so that the cigarette can be used further from the mouth.


Juice - The e-liquid in the cartridge.


LED - Light Emitting Diode. This light that indicates when the battery is activated.

Low resistance / LR atomizer - LR stands for Low resistance. An LR-atomizer can heat the liquid more, so that more vapor/steam is generated.


Manual battery / Manual Cigarette - With a push button, you need to turn on and off the e-cigarette.

MOD / MODDING - To perform a modification.

Mouth Piece - The part that takes the e-smoker in the mouth.


Nicotine Level - The amount of nicotine present in the cartridge (or e-liquid) expressed in mg / ml or%.


Ohm - The unit of resistance.


Pass-through battery (PT) - An electronic cigarette with a USB connector.

Pen-Style - E-cigarette that looks like a pen.

Personal Vaporizer (PV) / PND - Another name for e-cigarette.

Poly Fill - holds the e-liquid in the cartridge/cartomizer.

Propylene Glycol / PG / PEG / EC - Propylene glycol is a carrier for the e-liquid.


Refilling - Filling an empty cartridge with new e-liquid.


Starter Kit - A complete kit that includes everything you need to smoke electronically. Ideal for start with.


Tank - Container.

Throat hit - Term used to determine the feeling when you inhale smoke. You feel it in the back of the throat.

Tripple Coil - A cartomizer that has three glow plugs.


Vegetable Glycerin (VG) - Vegetable Glycerin is an alternative carrier of e-liquid for users who are allergic to propyleen glycol.

Vaping - A generic name for the e-smoking.

Evaporator - Atomizer.


Wick - The wire in the cartridge that is in contact with the atomizer.

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