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4-year-old smoking child shocks the world

12-03-2013, by
Four year old child smokes

In the American reality show "Toddlers and Tiaras" is the occurrence of a 4-year-old girl named Destiny, not gone unnoticed. This is an understatement because almost all viewers had shocked reactions. The toddler took on the stage a cigarette in the mouth.

The series reports on how things go backstage at beauty contests for children. At one point, the mother of child pushes her to take a cigarette in the mouth. In order for a good act, the child must have one hand on the hip and a cigarette in the mouth.

Both on the internet and in the media, people speak of a scandal. The mother defends that her daughter plays the type Sandy from the movie Grease. And to bring this type as realistic as possible, a cigarette in the mounth is required. Moreover, it was not a real cigarette.

It is not the first time the reality show creates a stir. There was already the 4-year-old Maddy walking around with fake boobs.

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