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Four types of smokers

05-05-2014, by
Smoking woman

Most smokers (72 percent) do want to quit smoking, but they don't try or succeed. Most smokers need in average five attempts to stop. A failed-stop attempt lasts only eight days. Forty percent of them can't even stop more then 5 days.

GlaxoSmithKline is a pharma giant who also sell nicotine patches and replacements. They did many research about the different profiles of smokers of tobacco. They finally divide all smokers into four groups:

  • The satisfied smoker

    This smoker is not interested in quitting smoking. He is aware that smoking is bad or even harmful to his health, but smoking is simply a part of his life and personality. He feels fine with smoking and it even gives him an added value in life.

    This smoker will absolutely not stop. Even if his environment asks to stop. The satisfied smoker remain skeptical. Only switching to electric smoking is possible when he knows all the benefits and get convinced.

  • The committed stopper

    This smoker is determined to quit smoking. He thereby has specific goals in mind. He is getting information how to do it. In some cases, he is looking for tools and/or professional help.

    he committed stopper knows that he best slowly reduce his nicotine addiction. The electronic cigarette is often used by him because he deliberately wants to live healthier. And of course, he gets the highest success rates.

  • The interested stopper

    This is a smoker who wants to quit smoking, but don't really try. It's very difficult to start for him an attempt, especially during stressful situations, such as driving daily in traffic jams, deadlines at work, etc... The interested smoker is afraid/aware that he will give up on very pleasant moments in the pub, after a dinner or after sex. He is very aware of the difficulties, but still believe it's possible.

    This smoker will only be able to stop when he has tools available and when its environment motivates him enough. Professional help is required. It's obvious that the interested stopper need to use e-cigs or nicotine replacements as well.

  • The confused smoker

    This smoker still doubt very much between smoking and quitting. He knows for sure he will fail. He will also postpone his stop attempts forever. It is also uncertain whether this smoker dares to switch to electric smoking.

I am a sucessfull committed stopper. I failed in the first 3 stop attempts and then I discovered the e-cig of Green Smoke. Since I made the switch, I never smoked anymore. To which group do you belong? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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