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Absurd: Fired after smoking outdoors

05-08-2014, by
Fired employee

In the Dutch town Twente, two women and one man, employees of Aveleijn (an institution for the mentally handicapped people) were fired after they were repeatedly caught smoking tobacco.

According to the staff they smoked even outdoors, but within the walls of the institution and in the field of view of patients and residents. Mister Praet, chairman of the board of directors, had no mercy. According to him the employees have to be an example to everyone.


"Because the three employees were still in their probationary period, there is little to do to help them": responded the spokesman of the unions.

Ms. Tiny Tulner is angry about the measure: "Apparently Aveleijn has the luxury to fire people while in general it's really difficult to find employee for public health care."

The employees discuss whether or not they will perform actions against the management. Rumors says the chairman himself have also bad reputation. He should be involved in illegal transactions.

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