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Electronic smoking is very suitable to use on public places

01-16-2014, by
Smoking Jimmy White

Anno 2013, its not allowed anymore to smoke tobacco in cafes, bars or restaurants in the Western world. And we see this trend also in other continents of our planet. Smoking tobacco is banned and will stay banned everywhere. It's just a matter of time.

The reason is of course the harmful emissions from the cigarette. In addition, more and more studies confirm that secondhand smoke is almost as dangerous. Even 3rd-party smoke should be harmful.

Now the good news. Our electronic cigarette has no harmful emissions and so passive e-smoking is not harmful. Still, regardless of these facts, there are still countries including Belgium which ban public e-smoking. The logic is difficult to see here.

Although, the vapor of the e-cigs contain no tar or other harmful substances like carbon monoxide. It is odorless, does not sting the eyes and does not discolour the walls, teeth or clothing. What more do you want?

Not to be underestimated is the fact that there is no ashtray needed and there is no risk for fire. If you eg. play a game of billiards or snooker, there is no danger for the carpet when you're e-smoking during your game. Remember, no ashes.

The same applies to smoking in an airplane. There are airlines that allow e-cigarettes, but unfortunately there are plenty of them who prohibits.

The e cigarette encourages smoking?

The biggest argument against electric smoking in public is that it would encourage people, especially teenagers, to start smoking. I doubt if this is really the case. Maybe the product becomes more familiar and thus more and more people will switch to the e-cig. But is this bad? Yeah, maybe for the treasury and that is all that matters.

Studies also have proven that the smokers who switch to e-smoke all reduced their smoking habits. E-smoking is not encouraging but discouraging.

Besides if governments are so concerned about the health of their citizens, why they don't prohibit the ordinary cigarette completely? Everyone agrees that analog smoking is much more unhealthy. The same goes for alcohol and unhealthy food.

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