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Studies confirm electronic cigarette is more effective than patches

03-05-2014, by
New Zealand

The e-cigarette is better and more effective than nicotine replacement products such as patches as an aid to smoking cessation.

A team from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, performed the first clinical study with 657 chain smokers.

The study revealed that after six months 7.3% of smokers after still stopped. This was higher than the 5.8% of the users that tried nicotine patches. Almost all the participants were more enthusiastic about the e cigarette.

Also found that relapsed users of the e-cigarette afterwards smoke fewer tobacco cigarettes than users of patches. The electronic smokers were all surprised how many positive compliments they received from their environment. This is logical as the vapor from an e cigarette is odorless and is not harmful.

The e-cigarettes are very useful to build off the nicotine addiction. Herein, the sensory sensation that mimics the smoking is of great importance. After all, this ensures that the electronic cigarette is a very useful tool for people trying to quit.

E-smoking does reduce regular smoking

Also recent findings presented at the "European Respiratory Society" meeting showed similar results.

Professor Peter Hajek of the Queen Mary University of London explains: "After six months, the cigarette consumption is halved by nearly 60% of the electronic smokers, compared to only 40 percent of the users of patches.

Prof. Chris Bullen of the University of Auckland says: "The results show no major differences on quit rates between the e-cigarette and related patches, it seems certain that the e-cigarette is much more effective to do reduce smoking."

Peter Hajek described the study as "groundbreaking". According to him, the key message is clear, the electronic cigarette is:

  • at least as effective as nicotine patches

  • more attractive to smokers than patches. This is because they sensory approach or simulate normal smoking.

  • They are also easier to obtain because they don't have currently the limitations of medicines that also require expensive involvement of medical professionals (doctors, pharmacists , etc...). This therefore provides a substantial savings for healthcare.

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