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The e-cigarette is becoming popular

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12-23-2013, by

Today, we can not longer ignore the electronic cigarette. We see e-cigs regularly on the streets and it's currently the number one nicotine replacement worldwide.

According to analysts from the tobacco market, the volume of electronic cigarettes will keep growing because more and more people begin to know its benefits. We again take a closer look at the important reasons:

  • It's healthier

    The main reason to switch is the fact that the electronic cigarette is a much healthier and safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. This is not only good for the smoker, also his environment will benefit.

    Since a couple of years, the society doesn't accept any longer that smokers spread their harmful smoke in public. People are more aware of the 4000 harmful chemicals that get released when smoking regular cigarettes (because tobacco get burned). As there is no harmful emission with 'e-smoking', most people react very positive to this healthier alternative.

  • It's cheaper

    Because governments need more money, they stick increasing taxes on the traditional cigarette. This makes them almost priceless today.

    Fortunately, there is yet no excise duty levied on e-cigarettes. This would be ethically incorrect since it's healthier to the smoker and certainly for his surroundings. Such a better alternative should not be discouraged.

    But the e-cigarette is also harmful. He is in fact harmful to the national treasury and to the wallet of tobacco companies.

    At the moment, e-smoking is at least half cheaper. In practice, this means annually a difference of $750 to $1500 (€500 to € 1,000).

  • Helps to quit smoking

    Quit smoking seems and is very difficult. Almost everyone agrees that a gradual reduction in nicotine addiction is the best way to success. The ecigarette is a great tool for this technique since they exist with different nicotine levels of 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg. This allows the body each time to get used to the lower level. In the last stage (with 0mg), the e-smoker must unlearn his smoking habits.

  • Better and more pure taste

    Once you e-smoke, you will understand how dirty or bad the tobacco-cigarette tastes. The reason can be found in the fact, that the taste of an e-smoked is restored and improved. E-cigarettes have indeed a better taste and more pure taste. There are also much more variations possible. Flavors like apple, chocolate, cola, coffee, pina colada, cherry, etc... are popular.

  • More clean

    Because the electronic cigarette emits no smoke but water vapor, you can smoke them anywhere without disturbing. They are completely odorless, so you can smoke them in your new car, in your bedroom or living home without having to worry that everything is gets dirty. Your clothes will not stink, your teeth and nails will not turn yellow, etc...

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